I don’t have a healthy hobby outside of eight hours

I don't have a healthy hobby outside of eight hours
Xuan Jiajun, male, born in March 1963, started work in July 1982 and joined the Communist Party of China in May 1986. He served as deputy secretary and magistrate of Xingye County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, secretary of Luchuan County, member of the Standing Committee of Yulin Municipal Committee, secretary of the Standing Committee of Bobai County, member of the Standing Committee of Yulin Municipal Committee, minister of the Propaganda Department and vice mayor of Yulin.

Xuan Jiajun was investigated by the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Nov. 19, 2019, and was detained on Nov. 22. On June 9, 2020, studied by the Standing Committee for Discipline Inspection of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and approved by the Communist Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Xuan Jiajun was expelled from the Communist Party of China and expelled from public office. He was transferred to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution.

On July 21, 2020, designated by the People’s Procuratorate of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Laibin People’s Procuratorate of Guangxi filed an indictment of Xuan Jiajun for being guilty of taking bribes to the Intermediate People’s Court of Laibin City.

On December 9, 2020, the Laibin Intermediate People’s Court declared Xuan Jiajun guilty of taking bribes of 9,176,629 yuan in the first instance. He was sentenced to ten years and six months in prison and fined 1 million yuan. Xuan Jijun said in court that he would obey the sentence and not appeal.

A week later, Xuan Jiajun’s brother was Xuan Bing. He was sentenced to three years and six months in prison and fined Xuan Jiajun 300,000 yuan for taking bribes of 2.115 million yuan together with him.

Political career is too smooth “float up”, three view distortion “fall down”

A correct view of power is an “amulet” for Party members and cadres to remain true to themselves, and a “navigator” for them to perform their political duties. What do you do with your power? Should we work conscientiously and conscientiously for the welfare of the people, or use power for personal gain? Being careless of Party exercise and losing ideal belief, Xuan Jiajun finally chose the latter and went on a road of no return.

Xuan Jiajun was born from a peasant family of five brothers and sisters. Because of his poor background, he often did not have enough to eat or warm clothing when he was a child. Xuan Jiajun recalls being Xuan Jiajun when he lost a bamboo ballpoint pen less than 10 cents on the way to school and had to circle around looking for it for most of the day until he found it.

It was the experience of “being poor when young” that sharpened Xuan Jijun’s character of not giving up. He was well aware of the truth that reading changes destiny, and he was admitted to a normal school by studying hard through a cold window. After graduation, Xuan Jia Army, known as the carp that leaped from ancestral villages to the dragon’s gate, realized the dream of rural children from their ancestral villages to eat government-owned grain and became a middle school history teacher. Two years later, Xuan Jiajun was Xuan Jiajun and was transferred to the Communist Party Committee of Beiliu City in Guangxi Province because of his outstanding performance.

Born Xuan Jiajun, he was born Xuan Jiajun. Born Xuan Jiajun was secretary of the Communist Party of China Party Committee successively in two of the top ten counties in Guangxi. He was born Xuan Jiajun as a deputy department head.

Xuan Jiajun said that it was a difficult upbringing that sharpened him, good family culture and good parenting that shaped him, and the caring and nurturing of an organization that shaped him. He should have cherished all this as an impetus to serve the people wholeheartedly. However, as they moved up from their jobs, Xuan’s mind slowly expanded, and their ideals and beliefs began to decline. He self-analysis said: “Looking back on the way I have gone since politics, a word can be summarized – political career is too smooth ‘floating up’, three view distortion ‘fall down’.

Xuan Jiajun “Xuan Jiajun” is mainly manifested in three aspects. One is self-obsessed and thinks that he is very capable and is an important and important official. Second, they are overconfident, believing that they are cleverer and have more ideas than others. They tend to do things and make decisions in a single sentence. Third, they refused to study, ignored political exercise, relaxed the cultivation of party spirit, and gradually distorted the concept of three.

After being Xuan Jiajun, apart from dealing with daily affairs, he is busy with social activities most of the time. Studying, thinking and self-cultivation are forgotten. There are serious problems in his outlook on world, life and values.

XuanJiaJun deeply ashamed, when it comes to this: “I’m eight hours outside without health hobby, and started to gather friends after work, before drinking, singing, is now a country drive, poker, often get in the middle of the night, very dark, lead to morale lax, no mood to work, let alone have a career passion.” In this way, Xuan Jia-jun went down into the shadows of dissipation and intoxication.

And Xuan from their ancestral villages, which have lost their ideals and beliefs, grew more bold in using power for personal gain. In the past, they only dared to take small red envelopes and local products, and the more expensive ones were cigarettes and alcohol. In 2006, Xuan Jiajun, then head of Xingye County, thought his daughter would need more financial support when she went to college. He Xuan Jiajun asked his boss for 80,000 yuan (Xuan Jiajun). This was the first big fortune he ever made from his boss and the turning point of his corruption.

Affection view dislocation, the younger brother that just gets out of prison pulls into a cage again

“Bad family tradition, corrupt beginning, corruption”. This sentence is deeply reflected in Xuan Jiajun.

Xuan Jiajun’s father died early and his mother was elderly. In the extended family, Xuan Jiajun was the most influential person, but he did not behave properly and sit properly. Instead of playing a leading role in the construction of family customs, Xuan Jiajun destroyed the originally good family culture.

On holidays and New Year’s Eve, Xuan Jiajun accepted gifts and gold from his ancestral village in front of his family. As he liked to collect antique electrical appliances, he asked businessmen and bosses to send them home. And Xuan Jiajun worked hand in hand with village bosses, and his families were unconsciously influenced by this influence. They simply enjoyed their money and possessions without asking where they came from.

In 2007, Xuan Jiajun, then the Communist Party secretary of Luchuan County, met his boss, Zhu. Zhu is forthright and generous. From Zhu’s flattery, Xuan Jijun’s ancestral village became increasingly flattered, thinking that Zhu “understands him” and was a good friend. From then on, Xuan Xuan Army actively coordinated and assisted Zhu in the demolition of his old house, the promotion of the project, and the transfer of his son’s work. As for the gifts Zhu gave him, Xuan Xuan felt that he had “worked” and deserved all of them. And the ancestral families also enjoy all this with ease.

And Xuan Jiajun pampered his only daughter. To buy an apartment for his daughter, in June 2009 he took over 1.4 million yuan from Zhu and bought an Xuan Jiajun house in Nanning in the name of Gong, his boss. When his daughter married in 2013, Xuan Jiajun took her and Gong to a car shop directly and had Gong invest 290,000 yuan to buy a car for his daughter.

Xuan Jianjuan’s loss of Xuan Jianjuan’s baseline not only damaged his family, but also dragged his Xuan bing’s family into the water. Born Xuan Bing, an employee in Beiliu city, he was jailed in 2001 for embezzlement and taking bribes and was released in 2009.

Xuan Jia, from a strong-rooted ancestral clan, was guilty of not caring enough about his younger brother in the past, so he mistook indulgence and spoiling for care and did everything he could to meet his brother’s needs. As a leading cadre, he should learn lessons from the Xuan soldier embezzlement and bribery case, alert himself, educate his family and guide his brother to be a new man. But Xuan Jiajun felt that his brother had been in prison for eight years and was seriously out of touch with society. Afraid that he would be bullied, he used power to favor and compensate Xuan Bing.He even personally negotiated with some bosses to be Xuan Bing.Xuan Jiajun became Xuan Bingdeeper and deeper and was unable to extrude himself.

In 2011 Xuan Jiajun took his boss Chen to visit Xuan Bing’s factory in Beiliu and Xuan Xuan needed financial support to expand his operations. Chen was Xuan Jiajun on the spot. In 2013, Ying Xuan Bing asked him to be Xuan Bing and Chen offered him another 500,000 yuan. Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan. Once, the boss Lin mou to XuanJiaJun gesture to the new home, 20 Wan Yuanjian XuanBing XuanJiaJun face sink down, pingyuan said, had added 100000 yuan.

Xuan Jiajun was meticulous about Xuan Bing. In 2017, Xuan Jiajun agreed to be Xuan Jiajun and his boss Zhai paid 180,000 yuan for a car that was Xuan Bing’s son. And from daily life, Xuan Jijun also takes great care of the nephew, hoping to better help the younger brother’s family. According to Xuan Jiajun, nearly a quarter of his bribe-taking money was jointly accepted by Xuan Bing.

As a Chinese saying goes, “One man is crooked, and the whole family is crooked.” And ancestral ancestral concepts are not perfect. As the two brothers “went shirtless into battle” to collect wealth, they both fell into the pit of crime and ended up in prison.

Confrontation organization layers of defense, let the younger brother as a “shield”

Xuan Jiajun is bold and reckless. He does not fear the masses, the power or the discipline and law. He still does not tighten up after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. But when they see the coercion of comprehensively enforcing strict Party discipline, they are terrified. Fearful and ancestral village, he fortified his ancestral villages layer by layer, attempting to hide things from the outside world by means of collusion and falsification of evidence to combat the censors.

To cover up the facts of bribery, Xuan Jia-jun painstakingly made great efforts. Xuan Jiajun was Xuan Jiajun in 2009 after receiving money from Zhu and buying property and parking Spaces in the name of Gong, his boss, in order to avoid personal reporting. After that, Xuan Jiajun instructed his wife Huang to sign false house exchange agreements with Gong three times in an attempt to Xuan Jiajun. At the end of 2016, Chen gave Xuan Jiajun two properties. In order to handle future inspection, Xuan Jijun and Chen used ancestral ancestral villages to arrange for the transfer of their ancestral homes. Instead of going through the transfer procedures, they continued to register the house in Chen’s name and let Chen issue a rent receipt, creating the illusion that the ancestral village was renting the house from his ancestral village.

XuanJiaJun think careful deployment, concealment, escape scrutiny is solid “firewall”, he said: “I’ve always thought the anti-corruption has nothing to do with me, what kind of warning education, such as integrity, lectures, anti-corruption exhibition is do to people, so much corruption, anti-corruption as partition wall brick, not so easy to throw to own head”.

Driven by a mentality of self-conceit and luck, Xuan Jijun practiced corruption and deceit, accepting huge bribes from ancestral villages in the form of investment, investment, business and false loans in the names of others. He thought that if he didn’t take money and just let his brother Xuan Bing connect with his boss who wanted to be Xuan Bing, he could evade the law and be Xuan Bing.

Even after being asked by the organization’s letter, Xuan Jia-jun still did not come to his senses. He continued to move the loot and “worked out a strategy” with his brother. “My brother has been in prison before, and I think he can hold up against these interrogations.” Xuan Jiajun imagined Xuan Bingcould “hold” the investigation until he was detained.

However, in the face of party discipline and state law, under the ideological and political work education of the case investigators, the two brothers carefully built layers of defense soon collapsed. After being detained, Xuan Bing was positive and proactive in explaining his problems. “As a man who had been in prison,” he confessed, “when my brother’s ancestral ancestral village was supposed to have committed such violations of discipline and law, I should have kept a clear mind and prevented his ancestral ancestral village from doing so. But instead of doing so, I also participated in the practice and became enmeshed in profit. It was wrong of me.” Later, Xuan Jiajun also changed his attitude and honestly confessed to violations of disciplines and laws.

“As a party member with 34 years of experience, I did not firm ideals and beliefs, did not respect power, and used power carelessly. After breaking the law and discipline, I still covered my ears and tried to deceive the organization, which brought heavy disaster and pain to the whole family.” And Xuan Jiajun is deeply penitent. However, he knew that history could not be rewritten and life could not be restarted. “Greedy cheap read between both the credit and the world”, Dan repugnant, scourge uninvited XuanJiaJun serious disciplinary WeiFaAn also warned party members and cadres, to lead the integrity in, strictly ensure the families children and office staff. Keep good family style home education defense line, build a solid anti corruption anti degeneration dyke. (Reporting by Fang Yifei and Li Mingxian on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and National Supervision)

Children, brothers and sisters are “spoiled”, they drag the whole family into trouble

To li li: to help my brother’s business to say hello

Xiang Lili, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, served as vice mayor of Changsha, Party secretary of Chenzhou, and vice governor of Hunan province. Xiang was investigated by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Regulatory Commission in May 2019 for suspected serious violations of discipline and law. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison in June 2020 for taking bribes.

After Xiang Lili entered politics, his father often asked him to be clean and honest. However, Xiang Li Li could not bear his father’s advice in mind. Not only that, he also engaged in business brother Xiang Mingming implicated in the case. Xiang Mingming resigned from his post as a township cadre in 1994 and set up a real estate company. Xiang Lili was then the Party secretary of Changsha West District. He had been discreet enough to insist to his brother that he should not enter the West Side business. However, with the passage of time, to force gradually relax their requirements, began to help his brother’s business to say hello. The brothers got carried away and went further and further out of line.

At that time, my father saw that one of them was in business and the other was in politics. He was worried and warned them repeatedly. Neither of the brothers really listened, but rather shrugged it off, feeling that times had changed and that their father’s ideas were no longer relevant.

Xiang Lili became even brazier in 2018 when he was transferred from vice-governor to deputy director of the standing committee of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, feeling that this was the last stop in his career. The biggest bribe he took was in the second half of 2018, when he used his position to help a boss successfully change the nature of land use. The boss sent him 37 million yuan as a reward through his brother.

“This happened in 2018, and we didn’t stop after the 18th and even the 19th CPC National Congress. In total, he took more than $66 million in bribes, $37 million in single bribes, and the final frenzy began.” Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and National Supervisory Commission staff introduction.

To Lili’s father left a lifetime name, but it is a pity that the next generation failed to pass on the previous generation’s clean family tradition. It was a matter for the family brothers to regret.