Ask God rather than yourself, ask God rather than people

Ask God rather than yourself, ask God rather than people
One was in front of the Finance Bureau of Anyuan County, Jiangxi Province: incense offerings were placed all over the ground, and the incense “flourishing” blackened the ground.

The other was a notice issued by the bureau, with white letters on a blue background saying: ‘Be a modern person and behave in a civilized way. No burning incense wax in front of the building.’

It turns out that there is a traditional custom among the local residents. When a housewarming event occurs, they will burn incense, light candles and hold some praying ceremonies in the early morning. On the weekend of January 31, residents rushed to the Finance Bureau in front of the starlight to pray, and incense burners and candles were laid on the ground. Until that morning, the staff of the Bureau of Finance did not find this situation, the first time posted a notice to guide the citizens civilized prayer.

Once exposed, the netizen immediately “offered” god comment

That’s right!

The finance bureau before please the god of wealth, it is magic, let a person be between tears and smiles! In this regard, Lord Chang ‘an has something to say —

It is better to do than worship God.

Indeed, every housewarming marriage, it is inevitable that the heart has to send, there is always a good vision, but the prosperity of the family depends on both hands, fantasy will only spoil things. What diva-telling worship, what Feng Shui Fu water, what incantation secret news, ask the gods as well as ask yourself, ask ghosts and gods as people. Worship of god can not overstep the law, superstition can not get rid of the law, wealth does not come from prayer, but from their own, the diligent top, the laborer more, the lazy receive less is the eternal truth.

Bye-bye and get rich? Hard work and hard work, is the only rule!

There is a long way to go to dispel superstition.

Even if wearing the coat of blessing, worship of non Buddha non god, the Bureau of Finance before the “burning incense kow-worship”, the core is still superstition. The purpose of government departments is to serve the people, not the temple where the immortals reside. The play in front of the finance bureau, in depth, is derived from the lack of scientific spirit and lack, so the “immortal” and “master” will take advantage of the void.

How to break? Emphasis on guidance: only by vigorously imparting knowledge, breaking away from superstition and solving doubts with scientific viewpoints, can false things have no place to hide; Only by creating an atmosphere of public opinion advocating science can people return to common sense and reason, and let pseudoscience have no place to stand. Only by strengthening law enforcement, banning illegal superstitious activities and strictly preventing the revival of superstition, can we truly pull down the “altar” of feudal superstition.

Anti-superstition requires mass education, social culture and law enforcement and justice. Let’s work together!