5 horses were seized by chengguan in Zhuzhou, Hunan province

5 horses were seized by chengguan in Zhuzhou, Hunan province
The chengguan sell horses, which one is this singing? Recently, the announcement of a horse auction by chengguan aroused the attention of Zhuzhou citizens, five confiscated horses became “auction goods”, since the seizure, the cost of the five horses has been 100,000 yuan, chengguan said vexing.

More nerve-racking is, February 1 racquet still flow pat, this “hot potato” after all is not “send” to go out.

Raising horses in the scenic zone of Xiangjiang River in Zhuzhou.
A chengguan selling horses? The shot went off

January 22, Zhuzhou local media released a Zhuzhou City LuSong District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau confiscated domestic horse disposal auction notice. The announcement said: the online auction will be held on February 1, the overall auction disposal of 5 confiscated domestic horses.

A chengguan selling horses? Temporarily aroused the curiosity of the public, concerned about the “5 small only” situation.

On January 29, sanxiang city daily reporter with intention participate in bid to clap for contact auction company staff member. Recent photos of the horses provided by the staff show them in a simple stable in a somewhat crude but clean environment, with the horses looking listless after losing their freedom. An auction listing showed three male and two female domestic horses with a starting bid of 55,200 yuan.

What caused the “five little birds” to lose their freedom? February 1, the reporter contacted Zhuzhou LuSong District City Management Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade to try to find the answer. The brigade deputy brigade chief Zhu Wenhui told reporters that the 5 horses originally lived in Zhuzhou City “Riverview mansion”, close to the Xiangjiang River, the surrounding green are good. In May last year, chengguan helped them move out after their owners refused to correct repeated violations of the city’s regulations on urban appearance and environmental hygiene. After being confiscated, the five puppies were entrusted to an agricultural company far from the city.

A horse kept on a farm.
Eight months cost more than 100,000 yuan, only eat not gain weight

“It’s already cost more than 100,000 yuan.” Zhu Wenhui helplelessly said, in order to let “5 small only” life worry-free, every horse every month 2500 yuan of food standard, from “move” so far, has spent more than 100 thousand yuan. Zhu Wenhui bluntly, the high cost of feeding, let them worry, “by the law enforcement funds out of this cost, afraid they eat empty!”

In this way, after making the formal confiscation decision, the chengguan brigade decided to auction the “5 small dogs” in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures, and handed over the proceeds to the finance department.

At 11 o ‘clock this morning, the company that commissioned the auction reported that the auction failed because no one signed up. It is expected that the auction will be started again after the New Year. Hearing the news, Zhu Wenhui a sad look, “it seems to have to keep a period of time.”

“I thought this’ hot potato ‘was going to be sent out, but the auction failed.” One side of the colleague wry smile way.

“After spending so much money and not putting on any weight, I’m still thin. Estimate is the mood is not too good!” After seeing the before and after photos of “5 small birds”, a city management staff at the scene joked.

5 horses were seized by chengguan in Zhuzhou, Hunan province
Five horses lose their freedom as a horse farm

“We’ve got two whole volumes a foot thick on the subject.” Zhu Wenhui side display relevant legal documents, side to the Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reporter introduced the specific situation.

Since March 2018, the owner of 5 horses Liu Mou in Zhuzhou Xiangjiang scenic belt Hedong Yanjiang Road Yongli pier section of illegal breeding horses, many times received complaints from the public, many times required to be corrected, and in June 2018, in December 2019 two LuSong city management brigade imposed 400 yuan, 1000 yuan of administrative punishment.

“Taking the scenic belt as their own horse farm destroys the green, pollutes the excrement and seriously damages the surrounding environment.” Zhu said the regulations clearly stipulate that raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, sheep, pigs and other domestic animals are prohibited in the urban areas of cities established under the state administrative system. Where the raising of livestock and poultry affects the city appearance and environmental sanitation, the competent administrative department of city appearance and environmental sanitation of the people’s government of the city or the unit entrusted by the department shall order the raising of livestock and poultry to set a time limit or confiscate it, and may also impose a fine.

Zhu Wenhui said that the local government attaches great importance to the matter and has done Liu’s work for many times, but his proposal to solve the aquaculture sites, provide funds and other unreasonable requirements was rejected by the government. At the same time, Liu refused to correct his illegal feeding behavior. In February 2020, Liu again for illegal breeding horses, the urban management department issued a “Notice of Correction” after self-rectification. In May of the same year, the chengguan were on their daily patrol when they found five more horses at the Yongli Pier. “The owner of the horse refused to correct it, and we were worried that after returning it to him, the horse would continue to be kept in the city, which made the confiscation decision.” In addition, the city management department conducted a public auction of five horses in accordance with procedures.