Who is qualified to rate the poems of Jia Pingwa’s daughter?

Who is qualified to rate the poems of Jia Pingwa's daughter?
Literature gene can not be inherited, but the circle influence is real, what is Jia shallow really rely on? This is a question in people’s hearts, but most likely no one can give the answer, not even Jia Pingwa himself.
It is not so much that the public does not trust Wenerdai, Xuerdai and Xingerdai, as that they are just calling for an equal opportunity.
In an age when poetry is generally not read, a bit-poet should usually be on his guard when his work is widely discussed — popularity is often a bad thing for poetry itself, either through outright chicken soup or through Mr. Foss’s caustic mockery.
Unfortunately, the name of the poet Jia shallow, is the latter kind of pipeline known.
Six days ago, tianjin federation of literature review of the literature free talk on WeChat public published an article in the mess about jia, highlight poetry “, the author xiao-lin tang words, “the sick man’s poem” “water” shallow body “poetry”, “the boring when interesting, put the rubbish into line”, a pour the female poets group of group of smelly.
Let the author of the Jia Shuanxia who also? She is studying for a doctorate in literature, an associate professor at the College of Arts of Northwest University, and a master’s tutor. Her most remarkable identity is undoubtedly the daughter of Jia Pingwa, a famous writer.
The official website of the College of Liberal Arts of Northwest University shows relevant information about Jia.
What does a poem look like that the author despises? The article quotes a poem, “Mr. J’s Birthday on March 27,” apparently addressed to his father Jia Pingwa:
“After 66, Mr. J’s hair is thinner/He still goes back to his hometown to worship his ancestors, still has meetings, smokes/writes stories. To rub myself under the tree of trouble/To doze in the midst of the noisy and unpredictable stream.” Tang Xiaolin criticized it as “like the product of pressing the enter key all the way.”
So far, this literary review has been viewed 100,000 + times on WeChat, making it a hot styleB1 article “in serious literature circles, especially poetry circles.
Literary people treat each other lightly since ancient times.
All in all, since discussing the standard of a bit-bit poet, we can’t get around the works themselves. Let’s take a look at several poems mentioned by Tang Xiaolin in the article first:
An excerpt from “That Year, That Month, That Book” : “He clears his throat suddenly and says to me/Hi, my name is Michael, I’m an overseas student in Xi ‘an/What book are you reading/Abandon Capital. ‘I replied, and tried to unfurl the corner of my book. What does that mean/The foreigner shrugged…” The author denounced as “enter key branch writing.”
“She” : “When she was a child, she saw the scene of killing a cow/hot and bloody entrails, pulled out/still pulsing slightly/like a piggy with a nipple, immediately/covered with countless green flies.” The author assesses it as “perverted, filthy, obscene and banal”.
A song from “Hope” : “I’ve run out of desire/to stop and look/to fuck/I’m rocking harder/I don’t know where I’m going/I give heaven my middle finger.” Received “a rare scourge of contemporary poetry.”
If we only look at the words and images, these poems are indeed not as “elegant” as Foss imagined. They are not only “plain”, but even a little “dirty”, which also constitutes the basic starting point for the inline people to criticize Jia Qianxian: her poems are not beautiful enough. In the words of the author, Tang Xiaolin, “the purpose of writing is to make readers completely nauseous.”
The father’s literary career has been rather bumpy, but the daughter’s poetry writing record has been much more successful. / Documentary “Hometown of Literature”
The purpose of the poet’s writing is not easy to speculate, but Tang Xiaolin’s remark that “there are so many disgusting poems in Jia’s collection” is obviously a bit biased. For example, the famous poetry platform “Read a poem before you go to sleep” published a poem “The Wind Blows Over the River of Time” by Jia Qianxian in 2018, which looks “normal” by the standards of “beauty” of readers:
The light streaming through the bullet holes in the palate-tree walls and curtains and into the vinyl record of the Euphrates River/Years ago, he used to sit/by the bed, listening in silence/when there was moonlight and children laughing /…
Of course, a professional poet who has written long enough and in sufficient numbers can always pick out a few decent works — except for the Qianlong emperor more than 200 years ago.
Cao Pi, more than a thousand years ago, wrote at the beginning of his Papers on Literature: “It has been since ancient times that literary people treat each other with contempt.” A casual glance at other articles by Tang Xiaolin in “Literary Freedom Talk” reveals the critic’s sharpness.
From Mo Yan, Su Tong and Liu Zhenyun to Jin Yong, Ge Fei and Chi Zijian, in a few years, he has criticized almost all contemporary writers whose names he can count. “There is no shortage of positive comments,” replied the post’s comment section. By implication, criticism is the background color of his literary criticism.
Tang Xiaolin criticized so many great writers, why blame the obscure jia shallow this time, but fire out of the circle? This of course is not a “literary contempt” can explain.
An old article from 2017 in Contemporary, a well-known literary publication, featured a photo of Jia Pingwa and his daughter. / Contemporary magazine WeChat official account
Neither scold can not, also can not casually scold
Also on Literary Freedom, Tang Xiaolin published a 2018 commentary titled “Why Is Poetry Caught in the Ditch?” “, which shows his dissatisfaction with contemporary Chinese poetry:
“Trash” poetry, however dirty and filth; “Lower body” poetry, how to expose, on how large scale to show the human body organs. And some poetry critics’ irresponsible collective heckling and flaunting have made the chaotic contemporary poetry world worse…
For literature review, is easy to fall in dispute, often lies in professional and torn, sex, time coordinate measure of literature and art, to work seriously, who is a real “live” science and technology, but at the same time, reading book, assess its both stood in their point of view, each reader is natural rights.
Would the result have been different if the artistic youth had come from a family rather than a small town? / The Beginning of Spring
In the end, the controversy surrounding Jia can be boiled down to two questions: How good is her poetry? Is her father Jia Pingwa responsible for her success in publishing, winning awards and receiving continuous praise from mainstream critics?
The former is a professional issue; the latter is more of a social one, and while the informants are now acting as annoyed as Tang Xiaolin, the focus of their anger is clearly different
Tang Xiaolin is more concerned about the “level”, the inline people ask is “fair”; The former discusses literature, while the latter focuses on the literary circle.
In addition to the ridicule in the comments section, the platform of the Beijing News also published an article entitled “Jia Pingwa’s daughter’s poem should not be criticized, but don’t assume a position based on your identity”, calling on Foss not to quote out of context:
To use an old saying, “with a rhythm”… Taking snipts and words from the poem to criticize hardly supports an imaginary conclusion from a standpoint that, apart from being rhythmic, has little public value and is more like being black for black’s sake.
The commentary in The Beijing News called for the problems of literature to belong to literature.
The paper.cn commented on “How is Jia’s poem? Is there no number in the literary world?” “Addressed the literary profession directly:
How is Jia’s poem written in the end? This should not be a difficult question for a literary researcher to answer.
Jia, of course, is not not allowed to scold, but also can not allow Forston a few words of the excerpt, launched a critique of literary curiosity. After all, apart from making fun of himself and his poems, the literary evaluation of him and his poems can be left to a longer period of time and a wider audience, most of whom are obsessed with their identity as “the second generation of the literary world”.
What Foss is most concerned about is whether, as the Beijing News has said, the “fishy theories” and “insider theories” are all based on imagination, and the “children of Grace” are just external preconceptions.
Tang Xiaolin’s latest response also advocates a return to literature, but Foss’s doubts go beyond literature. / The Paper
Why don’t people believe Wen 2 Dai?
“Startling” Han Han in those days a sentence “the literary world is a fart, who all don’t install X” the stone broke the sky, search the evaluation and research of Jia shallow poetry in the past, it is difficult to completely get rid of the suspicion of climbing up with the help of “literary circle”.
On the official website of Northwest University, many of Jia’s academic research achievements are related to his father Jia Pingwa. / Northwestern University website
Tang Xiaolin’s examples come from public reports: In 2017, Jia Qianxian was admitted to the 32nd advanced graduate class at the Lu Xun Academy of Literature; At the end of the same year, he won the Poetry Award of the Second Shaanxi Youth Literature Prize, one of the organizers of the award is Yanhe, Jia Pingwa is the chief editor of this literary journal; In 2019, Jia was selected as one of the 15 young poets who participated in the current Youth Poetry Association.
At the 2018 Beijing Book Order Fair, Jia Qianxian published her collection of poems. Some famous critics praised her, saying that the poetry in her poems was not “made”, but “naturally blossoming” from her own accomplishment and cultivation. Jia Pingwa was unable to attend, so a letter he wrote to his daughter was released at the scene, in which he said:
Literature mountain high water far, wind to rain to go, people live too tired, and I hate to listen to the second generation of the said, such a hat is easy to be put on, both ugly, and crushy head ache…… What I learned later was that some friends thought she wrote well, and they submitted some poems to magazines for her. They were praised and praised.
Obviously, Jia Shanxian’s talent is far higher than his father’s expectations, or “half pushed” on the literary world. In the letter, Jia Pingwa repeatedly expressed that his daughter’s poetry writing had nothing to do with him, but he could not help expressing his pride in her talent:
The poem is hers and has nothing to do with me. Her poems are constantly published in various magazines, and occasionally I read them, and it amazes me that she has so many wonderful ideas!
Jia road smoothly and shallow literature writers have how old relation between father, fox, of course, don’t have the ability to research, but as she reported in the article “my father jia pingwa”, “I, as the daughter of jia pingwa’s own time, also meet with a lot of things annoying frustrated”, who since hainan literature circle, put together, they see the outside world, is a natural thing, rush to let the public not to make arbitrary connection, more arbitrary.