Live sex dolls sold to teenage girls as sex slaves

Live sex dolls sold to teenage girls as sex slaves
Recently, guangdong yunfu city yuncheng district court sentenced the man to prison!

The court found that on May 14, 2020, WeChat public account “Jinggou” published an article “Tracking 300 days, I finally caught the devil’s tail of making” real life inflatable doll “.

The article captures the weibo user jeong tao’s weibo “between Lin X doll” and twitter in a routine, yoon Liang Mou appropriate latex clothes pictures and part of the text, named junwei proved the weibo, twitter, pictures and part of the text content authenticity, source and purpose of the case, the fabricated words say “between the X Lin doll” weibo bloggers have a group of women in black suits made into reality version of the doll, the victim of the girl.

The article also took photos of a Weibo user surnamed Lin and linked the unverified photos to a company run by Lin. According to the investigation by the public case authorities, as of July 17, 2020, Guo’s article has been forwarded to Zhihu, Weibo, Douban and other network platforms, and has been shared 14,483 times and read 394,881 times. Guo’s article aroused netizens’ concern and panic over the sexual abuse of “gelcoat dolls” and “real sex dolls”. Lin’s own information was “searched”, the company, its employees and its Taobao shop was a large number of angry Internet users abuse and intimidation, the goods were reported and removed from the shelves.

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After being complained, he sent an article “denouncing”.

Microblog netizen “I am lost” on May 20, 2020 12:00 the original link Guo Mowei’s article to update the event, published the title “high energy warning: each of these pictures on the” doll “, which is a living girl! The long micro blog, Guo Mouwei’s article once again caused concern.

May 21, 2020, Guo Mouwei posted the article “” real life inflatable doll incident caused hot discussion,” Lin X “gave me a complaint??” . Investigated by the public case authorities, the article was forwarded to Zhihu, Weibo, Douban and other online platforms as of July 17, 2020, where it had been shared 8,436 times and read 62,939 times.

Another find out, the public security organ for your paper in 2019 on July 3, the track 300 days, I finally caught the manufacture “reality inflatable dolls” devil’s tail “twitter accounts involved between the doll” Lin X “user jeong tao and the images taken by the twitter accounts in latex coat in the picture in a two people were asking, yoon on July 16, 2020 pictures to the weibo account number in latex coat Liang Mou should be carried out in the enquiry, three per capita in latex coat for personal interests, named junwei articles referred to in the use of” reality inflatable dolls “imprisoned women, sexual assault and other content is not true.

The defence said he had “loved literary creation since childhood”

On May 23, 2020, Guo Mouwei was detained. It is understood that Guo was born in 1992 in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, master’s degree culture. For the facts of the charges, Guo Mouwei does not disagree.

Its defense said, Guo Mouwei has a good family environment, and received a good education, no criminal record, social risk is not strong, “this time just because of the mistake of understanding, accidentally implemented the illegal behavior”, for himself, for his family lessons are deep enough.

The defense also said Guo did not “fabricate things out of thin air”, but based on misleading language and pictures on the Internet. “Guo likes literary creation since he was a child, so he habitually adopts some literary descriptions in his posts.” The defense believes that Guo Mouwei mistakenly thought that some illegal things may have happened in the middle of this, in order to attract the attention of the police and the community, so as to post.

According to the court, on July 6, 2019, Guo Mowei registered the WeChat public account “Jinggou” on the account of Xi ‘an Mirror Online Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which he operated. Guo Mouwei published the above article is to improve the public number of attention.

Constitute the crime of picking quarrels and provoking troubles

Court thinks, named junwei number for improving its public interest (” view “), the purpose of the authenticity of the image, it is proved purposes, under the condition of individual be fond of, groundlessly speculated that the related content, images, fabricated by including girls “materialized” imprisoned “reality inflatable dolls” false text messages, and on its public release, named junwei made up of two articles by Internet users to read and many times by sharing many times, has caused netizens to named junwei reflected in the article of “reality inflatable dolls” sexual assault, abuse behavior such as the network public opinion. At the same time, Lin’s life and the company’s production activities have been affected. Guo Mouwei’s behavior is a disturbance, has caused serious disorder of public order, should be investigated for criminal responsibility with the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble.

Combined with Guo Mouwei has surrendered, voluntarily pleaded guilty to punishment and other circumstances, according to the facts of the crime, nature, circumstances and the degree of harm to society, the court judgment of first instance, Guo Mouwei committed the crime of provoking trouble, sentenced to eight months in prison.