By height or by age?

By height or by age?
Ministry of Transport: meet the age or height of one of the two, highway, waterway passenger transport can enjoy relevant preferential treatment.

A netizen named “Thornthorn Flower” (phone number 2177) from Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province said:

Now the children generally grow fast, some children are on junior high school, because the stature does not have 1.5 meters, but also bought a children’s ticket, and some children began to buy the full ticket in the third grade. Can be implemented by the age group to buy tickets?

A netizen named “smile” (phone number 3932) from Yili, Xinjiang said:

Due to various factors, the height of children is on the high side now, children according to the age to buy children tickets is more reasonable.

The Ministry of Transport replied:

The Ministry of Transport has been established in the field of highway, waterway passenger transport both age and height standard fare discount mechanism, has issued by the Ministry of Transport development and reform commission on deepening the views of the road transport price reform “ship rules [2019] (17), the Ministry of Transport notice on relevant work well (pay the water gauge [2020] no. 6), clear for eligible children free ride passenger bus (domestic waterway passenger ship) or half price discount for the ticket (except nine and under coach).

Among them, free admission for children under 6 years old (inclusive) or below 1.2 meters (inclusive) height; Half price tickets for children 6-14 years old or height of 1.2-1.5 meters. People of either age or height are eligible for preferential treatment.

Next, my ministry will continue to guide the local traffic and transportation departments to urge and guide the road and waterway passenger transport operators to earnestly implement the policy of preferential treatment for children to travel and protect the rights and interests of preferential treatment for children to travel.

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