Another American Aegis ship broke a new epidemic

Another American Aegis ship broke a new epidemic
The crew of the USS Chaffee, an Aegis guided missile destroyer, is under quarantine in San Diego after an outbreak of the disease.

Navy officials said most of the crew aboard the Chaffee were moved to a San Diego hotel and quarantined after the outbreak. A group of Novel Coronavirus sailors aboard the Chaffee have tested positive and are in quarantine, said Lt. Cmdr. Shawn Robertson, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s Third Fleet. About a dozen crew members on the ship have previously tested positive for Novel Coronavirus, officials have said. Other crews were tested for Novel Coronavirus on Friday as part of the outbreak response.

“In order to ensure the health and readiness of the service members, most of the Chaffee’s crew members have been housed in local hotels in San Diego and their movement has been restricted,” Robertson said. “A team of personnel will remain on board to maintain the ship’s daily operations and material preparation and provide necessary support.” He also said the destroyer would be cleaned and disinfected.

Since the outbreak began early last year, several U.S. Navy ships have been affected, the most serious of which was the USS Roosevelt, which was deployed to the Indo-Pacific region. During the Indo-Pacific deployment, an outbreak of Covid-19 was found aboard the USS Roosevelt, which was forced to dock at Guam on March 27 and lay low for nearly two months. Novel coronavirus spread widely among the more than 4,800 crew members aboard the ship, eventually causing 1,273 infections and one death.

In addition, the last data released by the U.S. Navy on April 30, 2020, showed that 78 crew members aboard the USS Kidd had confirmed infections, which is nearly a quarter of the number of crew members in that class of destroyer.

The U.S. military has declined to disclose details of Covid-19 cases among service branches, citing security concerns. But Admiral Mike Gildy, the Navy’s top commander and chief of naval operations, made a rare disclosure in October last year that more than 190 U.S. Navy ships had been infected with Covid-19. If that number is limited to the 296 ships currently deployed by the Navy, it would mean that nearly 65 percent of U.S. Navy ships have been infected to some degree.