On patriotism from the Perspective of “Domestic Restriction Order”

Recently, it has been widely circulated on the Internet that the “restriction order”, formerly known as the “Detailed Rules of standards for content censorship of Online variety shows” issued by the China Association of Online Audiovisual Programs under the guidance of the National Radio and Television Administration.The rules do not restrict the selection of foreign stars, but only restrict the selection of people who violate Chinese laws and regulations, maliciously attack and slander China (ethnic group and culture), or violate social order and good customs.I’m here today to talk about the relationship between nationality change and patriotism.

As is known to all, China does not recognize dual nationality at all.In Hong Kong and Macao, due to historical reasons, some people have passports from other countries, but if they enter the mainland, they are governed according to their Chinese nationality, and other countries have no right to handle all their affairs in China (including Hong Kong and Macao).The Taiwan authorities recognize dual nationality and do not discuss it because it is not yet unified.South Tibet, now controlled by India, not discussed.With China’s reform and opening up, the economy is getting better and better. While many people are getting richer, the gap between the rich and the poor is also widening. This is an inevitable contradiction in the development of the primary stage of socialism.But many wealthy businessmen, entertainers and dignitaries choose to emigrate themselves or their children when they become rich.Some of those who emigrated themselves emigrated by means of assets, and some by means of denigrating or insulting immigrants from their home countries.Children immigrants should play a little, they will continue to make money in China, but at a certain age, the money will be transferred to their children, with their children immigration, this is inevitable.

To continue to make money in China and defend immigrants.Some people may use Chinese education as an excuse, but China developed under Chinese education and is still standing in the east of the world.Where is the difference in cultural background for thousands of years, and there are some differences in science and technology, but when will China not allow your children to study abroad?Take international students as an example. Some of them are arrogant, proud and even slander their motherland. Of course, most of them still cherish their motherland and study abroad for the sake of learning.Some people say that the medical condition is poor. When will the Chinese hospital connect to give birth?Some medical technology is deficient, but when will China not allow you to go to other countries for treatment?The medical conditions in China are so poor. Why do you want to come to China for treatment after changing your nationality?You’ve given up your country, treated you, and you can’t charge for it?Please be clear, you are a foreigner, just Chinese.A large proportion of foreign stars (including Ethnic Chinese) who make money in China look down on the Chinese and think that everyone in China is stupid and rich, but some of them don’t say so.In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, many people of vision and vision overcame numerous obstacles and obstacles for the development of the motherland. No matter how poor or deficient they were in China, they resolutely decided to return to the motherland and build it. However, conditions are much better now than they were then.

Although this is a time of peace, we must prevent war.China’s development is mainly based on defense. With China’s development, it has gained the confidence of a great power.From diplomatic statements, we can see that China does not make trouble, but it is not afraid of trouble.In case of war, people of other nationalities will fight for their country, not China.During the war there many overseas Chinese to help the Chinese, but please clear the background of the war, world war ii, been playing war ally, and, at that time a lot of overseas Chinese is the livelihood before this displaced workers and their descendants, and some great maritime era is at the beginning trafficked people and descendants.Apart from the Singapore so much Chinese, and they are run by Chinese country, is also a member of the anti-china camp, and Vietnam in one thousand to the founding of the history, basic are within the jurisdiction of the central plains dynasty (king, Vietnam two words are from the Chinese ancient emperors), which has no Chinese descent, Vietnam had invaded by the United States, China also provide assistance to them in the most difficult, but after the war against China.On the Korean battlefield, a Chinese American soldier shouted “I am Chinese! Don’t shoot!” and lured many Chinese volunteers to death.A Former Chinese American presidential candidate, he declared to the world that he was ashamed to be Asian.Aren’t those lessons enough?So nationality is not a simple two words!Some people will say they are Also Chinese, wrong, they can only be called Chinese, not Chinese, Chinese means Chinese citizens.Nationality may not have a great influence in the peace time, but in the war time, the Chinese of the enemy country will take rob to point at your head, his money is flying in the cannonball on the land!So nationality is a big indicator of what country you’re loyal to.

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  • Patriotism is not based on empty words, it must be implemented in real terms

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