Rescuers are anxious, families are more

Qixia, in Shandong Province, is famous for its red Fuji apples and is rich in underground gold deposits.

On January 10, just after 1 PM, a local gold mine suddenly heard a loud bang: “Bang!”

The explosion occurred more than 200 meters underground.At the time, 22 people were working more than 600 meters underground.

The blast, out of the channel was blocked, the communication system also lost spirit.

The news, the media, the hype

Twenty-two people were in a dead end.Can’t get out, can’t contact people on the ground.

Hate the mining company for hiding this major accident and trying to rescue the people below themselves in order to avoid retribution.

By 8 p.m. the next night, they realized they couldn’t save their lives and reported the accident.

Thirty hours wasted.

Where is the time consumed in the 30 hours’ delay?That was the death of 22 miners underground.

They thought only of themselves not being punished, but not of the 22 men underground, waiting every minute to be rescued.

Officials did not relent, and the executives of the companies were soon arrested. The Communist Party secretary and mayor of Qixia were promptly dismissed.

After receiving the report, all departments immediately launched an all-out rescue.

But this is one of the most difficult mine rescues in the country.

The mine is too deep, the rock is too hard, the blockage is too serious, it is difficult to clear the obstacles in a short time.

Ventilation is also a problem. Toxic gases from explosions must be removed, otherwise they may cause secondary damage.

Rescuers worked around the clock, working on multiple fronts, drilling holes and opening new passages as they tried to clear the way out of the well.

Rescuers are anxious, but families are even more anxious.

Their husband, son trapped underground, life and death is unknown, the mood can be imagined.

On January 13, relatives of the trapped workers spoke to reporters:

“I don’t think about anything now. I just want all 22 men to come out safely.”

Minute-by minute, on Jan. 16, after seven long days, the barrier was cleared and rescuers threw buns, cookies and glow sticks down in the hope that the men would pick them up.

But there was no feedback.

The typical prime time for rescue is 72 hours, and by then, 144 hours had passed since the accident.

All twice as long, everyone is nervous.

It’s been seven days, cold and wet underground, no food, and it’s not known if the trapped miners were injured in the explosion…

The 22 brothers, are you all right?

Rescuers worked hard against the clock.