How did they survive the week without food or water

People on the scene are boiling, a week has passed, the underground people are still alive!

Nine knocks, nine echoes, perhaps, this means that the five middle nine people are still in!

The news, the media, the hype

That night, the supply hole was opened, rescue workers quickly put rope, down the flashlight, heated nutrient solution, medicine, paper and pen:

“Ah ah, did you pull it?Did they pull the rope?”

“Ye!They pulled on the rope, and now I feel the third.”

The rescuers shouted excitedly.

After a thirty-five minute wait, they pulled on the wire again and all the supplies were taken!

Then two notes returned from the mine, which had been sealed for a week:

“We have 22 men in the mine. Now 11 out of five, one out of six, four are injured, and another ten are unknown.

Now everybody physical strength overdraws serious, be in urgent need of gastric medicine, analgesic, medical adhesive tape, external use antiphlogistic medicine.

Three other people have high blood pressure and are in urgent need of antihypertensive medicine. I have two kinds in the car. Please bring them down.

Because the underground air is not circulating, the concentration of smoke is large, the underground water is very large now.

Hope the rescue does not stop, we have hope.Thank you.”

In such a difficult situation, they did not forget to say “thank you”.

This little note has moved countless people.

How did they survive the week without food or water?

Nutrition experts say they rely on drinking their own urine and mud from underground Wells.

Every day drank about a jin of muddy water, so that they lasted seven days.

Rescuers see hope and continue to speed up.

The next day, at 5 am, the hole in the middle section of the sixth section, another working place for the trapped miners, was also opened.

Rescuers hopefully began hammering on the drill pipe, hoping the other 10 missing brothers would hear.

But they kept knocking and knocking, but didn’t wait for any response……

The people at the top don’t want to think about the bad outcome.

No matter what, they will do their best to rescue.

“My brother is below,” they said.

The wife of one miner said she did not know where her husband was and was not sure if he was one of the people who got in touch.

“I just hope that he is safe and our family is reunited……”

Rescuers spoke to the trapped miners on Jan. 19, 10 days after the blast.