His wife said something today that cry

They said the situation had improved. Two of the miners, who had been very weak and lethargic, were now walking.Another miner was injured and is now being disinfected and bandaged.

Some people say they want to eat pickled vegetables, ham sausages and millet porridge.

This sentence, let many people tears eyes.

The news, the media, the hype

People in the most difficult time, to drink a bowl of millet porridge is extravagant hope.

However, given their condition, nutrition experts said pickles and ham sausages were not fit to eat, but millet porridge was sent down anyway.

Then another note came up:

“Please send another phone, as a standby, can not contact you, we can not find the party.”

Simple two words, full of their desire for life.

However, at 18 in the evening, the next call was bad news.

The injured miner, who was hit in the head by the blast, is now in a critical condition and has fallen into a deep coma.

This news, let people’s heart pulled up again, medical experts can only remote guidance, rescue.

The next night, the rescue team spoke to the mine and repeated confirmation that the critically injured miner, who had fallen into a coma, had no signs of life.

He was injured in the head, held out for 10 days, he is a brave man.

His wife said something today that made me cry:

“You lost your mother when you were five, and now you let your child lose his father when he was five.How can I tell my son…”

The other 10 stayed with the dead workmate for five days and five nights.

Rescuers continue to work hard, trying to find a way to save people.

On the twelfth day, the heart-wrenching news came:

“There is still about 100 meters of serious blockage in the passage, and it will take about 15 days for it to be fully opened.”

15 days, which means the 11 people who have lost contact have a slimmer chance of survival.

The 10 people who make the connection will be in the dark for another 15 days.

It’s so hard. Everyone is praying for a miracle to happen, to get through life a little faster, a little faster……

21, 22, 23……

They anxiously counted the days, 15, hoping that they would all make it.

Unexpectedly, yesterday, January 24th, 15 days after the bombing, the miracle happened!

A breakthrough was made in the clearance of the passageway, with the discovery of the void and the speed of the clearance of the obstacle being speeded up.

Rescuers rushed down the shaft to search for the trapped miners.