Rescuers found nine more trapped miners

Down to the middle four, another miracle!Rescuers have found a desperately weak missing miner.

He was stuck alone in the middle of the fourth section, without food or drink for 15 days!

How did he survive 15 days alone, trapped at the bottom of a well in the dark, with no supplies and no company?

The news, the media, the hype

But when the rescue team carried him out of the well and into an ambulance, countless people cried!

How great is the power of life, how strong is the will to survive, to let a person bitter support 15 days ah!

The latest news is that he is not in danger after treatment, although he is extremely weak, but conscious.

Over the next four hours, 10 other miners who had been contacted were rescued in batches.

One came up and put his hands together to thank the rescuers.

In the palm of his hand was the precious flashlight that had given them light in the dark.

A reporter asked loudly, “How are you doing?”

He replied loudly, “Not bad.”

Reporter: “what do you want to do after coming up?”

“Let my family know I’m alive,” he said.

Many at the scene were in tears.

It’s good to be alive, salute the tenacious life!

On Jan. 25, rescuers found nine more trapped miners.

Sadly, they all died.

Experts from the scene analysis, a total of two explosions occurred.

After the first explosion, the nine miners climbed up together to avoid the impact of the second explosion and died.

The rescue is still going on. Thanks to the hard work of the rescue team in these 16 days, you and the rescued miners have created the miracle of life.

At the same time, we must reflect.

How do mine accidents happen?How best to avoid it in the future?

As commented on xinhuanet:

“Lessons too painful, safety weightier than Mount Tai, the alarm bell to ring!

The loss of life is very sad, and we hope for miracles, but we can’t always hope for miracles.”

Life is above everything else. No matter how great your interests are, you can’t trade your life for it.

Every miner’s life, every ordinary person’s life, is precious.

RIP to all the dead and to the rescued miners.

You have once again shown us the tenacity of life and made us know that even in the darkest places, we should never give up hope.

We hope that the miners who are still searching will come back safely. Let us pray for the tenacious thumb up for the miners.