Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility

To make our country greener, we must adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, carry out extensive land greening activities, and let everyone contribute to make our country greener and more beautiful over time.

Environmental issues are not only a matter of development but also a matter of people’s livelihood. Environmental protection plays an irreplaceable role in the major arteries, battlefields and stages of China’s political, economic and social construction.As to highly integration, environmental protection and economic and social development status of environmental protection is more and more important, the role of overall coordination, comprehensive decision making is more and more big, has become an important means to strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation and control of, become a way to promote development of strategic economic restructuring and transformation of main fulcrum, improvement of people’s well-being, the important guarantee of building a harmonious society.

For the common people, it means starting from the trivial matters and starting from themselves to care for and respect the ecological environment.To be kind to every selfless river, to be kind to the mountains that give us mineral deposits, because to be kind to the ecological environment, is to be kind to ourselves, to work together to create a good working and living environment.But it is reserved for the root of descendants.We cannot be the sinners of the next generation.Low carbon life, from now on, start from bit by bit, efforts for energy conservation and environmental protection “do more heart, do more force.”Let every one of us become an advocate of low-carbon life, a propagator of low-carbon concept, and a practitioner of “low-carbon lifestyle”. Let’s take action!Let’s join hands to build our new green and low-carbon home!Make the blue sky bluer!One person’s power is meager, but as long as thousands and thousands of people participate in, and then the meager strength will become infinite, in a tiny green leaf can also create a forest of the sea, today, we use both hands to plant a tree;Tomorrow, we will have fewer natural disasters.Green achievement life, life continuation green, action, let us together with both hands hold up a green tomorrow, hold up our better future!

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  • Environmental protection is the theme of this era, any development must make way for environmental protection

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