The gang never dared to provoke him again

Elon Musk, who was called a “genius kid” as a child, wasn’t the one who did well in school.On the contrary, because he knows too much, he is the most unpopular child.

The richest man, Tesla, innovation

For the first eight years of his life, Musk lived with his parents in Pretoria, South Africa.

Her mother, Mayer, is a dietitian and model, and her father, Errol, is an engineer.

But Musk rarely sees his parents, with a housekeeper to look after him but only occasionally checking on Musk to see if he has broken anything.

Alone, Musk has only read books. In elementary school, he read all the books in his school and the nearby library, even tearing through two sets of encyclopedias.

Learn to make explosives, rockets, these things are easy to blow yourself up.

He soon became the smartest kid around, finding the answer to any question in the books he had read.

When my sister wanted to know the distance from the earth to the moon, she blurted out the exact figure.

Some people are afraid of crying in the dark, he said “darkness is nothing but the lack of light” this cold popular science language.

No one likes to be corrected all the time. Adults don’t like it. Kids don’t like it either.

“Genius” Musk because he knows too much, children refused to play with him;

The school’s bullies beat Musk up all day like they were hunting down prey, and each time they had to beat him to their satisfaction before releasing him.

His parents divorced when he was eight years old, worried that his father was too lonely, Musk insisted on returning to his father’s side, but he has been tortured by his father’s cruel mind games.

Beatings, exclusion in school, back home, the situation is equally terrible, little Musk, never a safe place to stay.

Things began to change in high school, when Musk purposefully practiced karate, wrestling, judo…In one fight, he punched his opponent in the nose, knocking him flat on his stomach.

After that, the gang never dared to provoke him again.

Speaking about the memory, Musk said:

“Thugs look for targets who won’t fight back.If you make yourself look tough and punch him hard in the nose, he might hit back hard, but you’ll never get hit again.”

Pain is a reminder from the outside that there is something important to learn, whether it is to protect ourselves or to learn a lesson.

The purpose is clear, make yourself very hungry, the desire to learn becomes very strong, the learning effect will be much better indeed.

Musk described Dutch, a required high school subject, as “pointless”, but said failing the test would keep him out of school.He studied quickly and got the best grades.