The world’s richest man changed hands

Since 2017, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has held the title of the world’s richest person, but the position has changed in the past two days.

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Thanks to the crazy rise in Tesla’s stock, Musk is the new richest man in the world.He still has a company that hasn’t gone public, so you can expect Musk to stay in the job for a long time to come.

Coincidentally, China’s richest man has also recently changed hands.

Until now, Ma had been the richest man in China.

Some time ago, when Ant Financial nearly went public, it was predicted that Ma might stay in the job, but no one expected so many things to happen at Ant Financial.

Nongfu Spring went public in Hong Kong over the same period, and its founder Zhong owns 80% of the company’s shares, which have tripled since its initial public offering.

The surge in his share price has made him worth an estimated $93.5 billion, making him the sixth richest person in the world, ahead of billionaire Warren Buffett.Meanwhile, Zhong was named Asia’s richest man in these rankings, beating India’s Mukesh Ambani in the title.

The picture

Online media said that the richest man in the world and the richest man in Asia both sell cars and sell water.

But their rise to the top is not just about selling cars and water.

Behind Musk are SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Neuralink;Behind Zhong Shanshan are Wantai Biotech, Yangsheng Tang and others.

But the fact that Mr Musk has become the world’s richest man is even more telling, not only as a testament to what can be done in industry, but also as a source of courage for those who work it out.

In the following article, we will understand why Elon Musk is the most controversial person. Some people even say that Elon Musk is from another planet.!

We’re talking today about perhaps the most maverick and controversial man in this new world.

The media portrays him as a superhero with stunts, a real-life Iron Man;Others see him as the leader of a heretical group, or both.

This is Elon Musk, born in South Africa on June 28, 1971.A self-made entrepreneur spanning seven high-tech sectors, he is regarded by countless people as a spiritual icon, calling his success an “inhuman achievement.”

Charlie Munger: I got where I am today by not chasing mediocre opportunities.

Seeing what a great person is doing and thinking may help you break through the fog of life and confirm your life direction.

Most of the time, the important thing is not knowledge, but personally feel the “power of pursuit”.