The competition of home industry is more

The competition of home stay industry is more and more fierce under the stimulation of capital, and the polarization is increasingly prominent.

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In recent years, some of the developers with keen sense of smell also aim at home stay in succession.Both Evergrande, Country Garden, Vanke and other powerful developers, there is no lack of local developers.

In this field, the real estate transformation has many unique advantages.

As a typical tourism real estate, B&B focuses on multiple scenes of vacation, leisure, life and entertainment, and is highly dependent on property. The mature real estate industry not only has stable passenger flow and high level property, but can well make up for the current shortcomings of the B&B industry.

For real estate enterprises, from the simple development of farmhouse entertainment to the overall construction of cultural and tourism real estate, there is market space. B&B can be advanced or withdrawn, and it can be attacked or defended.

Smart housing enterprises are not difficult to calculate, enough financial support, a fixed management experience, do a few beautiful houses, 2-3 years back.Compared with hotels, B&B is relatively easy to challenge the resources and capabilities of housing enterprises with greater flexibility.

It can be seen that the “marriage” of “homestay + real estate” can be described as a strong alliance, further optimize the allocation of resources, everyone is happy.

For real estate, B&B is another beam of light, a door.Some people even say that B&B is a dark horse in the real estate market after 2017.

However, this market is not necessarily a dark horse for these home stay enterprises, it is more likely to serve as a test product, testing the practitioners to improve the service value, architecture, aesthetic concept and other abilities, but also test the fine operation ability.

Although he demand of real estate and B&B is consistent, facing emerging products and young consumers, B&B is a big challenge for traditional real estate enterprises.

Once developers enter the bureau, they will face not only the competition from the self-employed people who are actively entering the bureau, but also large and small or professional, or cross-boundary group forces, which are challenging.

Visitors to B&B is also increasingly demanding, not only to meet their basic needs of accommodation, from distinctive appearance, multicultural communication, and even social interaction, to impress visitors.

Recently, the Crossing Shishi Hotel in Zhengzhou, which is the first original designer hotel in Yongwei, has exquisite public area, tasteful design, full of art and ingenuity. This small and beautiful “poem and distance” makes people in the industry want to have a try.

Real estate enterprises are always interested in the home stay market, but they also need more developers with vision, feelings, strength, architectural aesthetics and life design aesthetics to participate.

It can be predicted that in the second half of the so-called real estate “the future has come”, when more and more capital and resources pour into the home stay industry, more and more real estate enterprises get involved, and fierce battles are inevitable.

In the future, real estate bosses can play this deck of cards in their hands, whether they can maintain enthusiasm, create highlights, and focus more on operation and improve product services, which is still to be discussed.