The living primitive ecology has vitality

From the inner appeal, B&B is people’s longing for poetic living life.Whether it is to leave a beautiful mark for children’s childhood, or adults to find the innocence of childhood, every time these deep spark of the soul, the demand for home stay will surface.

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Behind this, in fact, it is the same as the reactivation of No.2 sand and No. 3 factory. It is the desire of people to return to their true life and the restoration of the city’s memory.

The essence of B&B is to experience the local lifestyle and respect the tradition.The design of B&B does not need to pursue scale or luxury. It is most important to retain the original architectural style and reflect the characteristics of B&B.

The Baiyun Mountain Forest Cabin Resort Hotel which is close to nature and back to nature;The Shiju tribe of Gongyi was transformed by dozens of caves left by the villagers.There are also Zen Residence, which restores the beauty of a dilapidated village.

When more and more small towns, B&B on the scene, people suddenly realize that these “home court clean, empty room has leisure” days, should belong to the city an inseparable part.

The renewal of a city should not be repeated demolition and construction, but to retain the root of culture, the original living ecology is vitality and value driving force.

People’s desire for homestay, perhaps is the court before the flowers bloom and fall, perhaps is longing for that rare leisure.But unfortunately, there are very few B&Bs with real souls.

When we peel off this layer of sweet paper of B&B scenery, we will find that B&B can not only provide a place to live in the countryside, if it loses the support of land and architecture, do not understand the ground, no matter how creative B&B will still become a castle in the air.

B&B needs more capital to add cultural and cultural connotation, not only in the design efforts, but also to improve the quality and service, so that B&B has more reasons to stay.

At this time, perhaps with the depth of the real estate combination is a good way out.

The uncertainty of the epidemic, so that is undergoing upgrading and elimination of the home stay industry, waves surge.

Some homestay through various measures to survive the cold winter, the growth rate back to the positive, some but can not hold the spring, it has been shaky, and even left the market cloudily, many prepared to enter the new capital is indecisive.

Just a few years of home stay development history, not how grand history.Just someone from the prosperity, someone left, someone smug, someone wandering imitation.

At the same time, those brands that have been supported by the capital are booming, the hardware is gradually upgraded, and the market positioning begins to move towards the middle and high-end. Only a big brand can win a big market.