Developers also sow seeds round drive

For example, Vanke, which is familiar with urban renewal and renovating old houses, Blue City, which is home to Yuantian Residence, the Evergrande and green space of Shanghai Disneyland in the past two years, and Yuanyuan, which operates seaside B&B, Zhengzhou Jianye Football Town and Movie Town B&B are all capital driven by developers.

B&B, real estate, terrain

All are sending out a signal to the market: the correlation between housing enterprises and homestay is becoming more and more close.

After the rapid development of the real estate, policy adjustment, people’s expectations, urban land saturation, the end of demographic dividend and other factors, the overlaying of various factors make the real estate, on the premise of maintaining stability, gradually enter a bottleneck period, transformation or upgrading is imperative.

Coincides with the hot tourism, tourism real estate has become a good step.At this time, B&B was pushed to the top of the wave, and get the favor of the real estate enterprise bosses, it is the right time and place.

From Hangzhou Moganshan to Anji, Lishui, Tonglu, Ningbo, Zhongwei, and Suzhou, all kinds of B&B are very popular.

Not only because these cities themselves have the protection of traditional culture, but also because of their pleasant climate and environment, creating a good mountain and water that can not be copied, so Zhengzhou people are especially envious.

Unlike these places, which have rich tourism resources, Zhengzhou lacks this kind of theme, and it is not small difficulty to do homestay purely for tourism.

Happiness, it isoften said, is comparative.In the home stay, Zhengzhou can take a few works, several household names, mostly from Yuntaishan, Dengfeng, Xinmi.

But the people of zhengzhou don’t have to jam up the Yellow River’s levees on weekends.These popular homestays are better than nothing, and have gradually become the best destination for Zhengzhou people looking for life.

From the inner appeal, B&B is people’s longing for poetic living life.Whether it is to leave a beautiful mark for children’s childhood, or adults to find the innocence of childhood, every time these deep spark of the soul, the demand for home stay will surface.