Arouses in many people the endless

Not long ago, a well-known developer in Zhengzhou lived in Jiaozuo B&B “cloud on the yard” to build a group, to a leisurely trip, let a person envy.

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The delicious scenery and rich and colorful activities make the real estate people who are tired of the fast pace of work and the smog and exhaust pollution escape from the cold world of concrete and steel, blend in with nature, relax and entertain thoroughly, and watch the time slow down bit by bit.

Undoubtedly, it has aroused many people’s endless yearning for poetry.

In recent years, with the rise of middle class consumption, the extension and fragmentation of vacation, picnic, special tourism has captured many city people.Nowadays, it has become fashionable to abandon hotels and book a bed and breakfast instead.

With such development momentum, Zengcuoan in Xiamen, Moganshan in Huzhou, Thousand Island Lake in Hangzhou and Shanghai Disneyland have all formed local B&B brands in a short period of time, attracting a large number of tourists to clock in.

Especially in the post-epidemic era, the home stay industry took the lead in picking up in May this year.During the golden week of National Day, domestic boutique B&B is difficult to find a room, was snatched in advance to book a vacancy.As the end of the year approaches, the pace of home stay industry rebound is accelerating.

As a newcomer to the accommodation industry, the burning of the fire is inseparable from the support of the state.

Since the implementation of the National Strategy of Small Town with Characteristics in 2015, the people have made good use of the right time and right place to layout the B&B economy. Due to the flexible form of business and low cost, B&B has rapidly become popular all over the country, ushering in an unprecedented new opportunity for development.

Recently, the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of All-Region Tourism, which also clearly states that urban and rural residents can use their own homestead to engage in home-stay and other tourism operations in accordance with the law.

The introduction of this policy has opened a broader world for rural homestay.

Songzhuang Village, Tongzhou, Beijing, was the first to make residential buildings productive. With the careful care of a group of artists, these residential buildings can be used for self-occupation or management.The artful B&B lures more people to have a look at it.

Under the big “tuyere”, developers also sow seeds, do a round drive.