The financial crisis needs to go hand in hand

International finance is now in the “Warring States Period”. The United States has used financial means to “sack” many countries. The rest of the world must strive to break away from the financial circle controlled by the United States and establish an economic circle controlled by their own countries.China, in particular, has been turned into a heavy camel by the United States, and real estate may be the last straw that will completely ransack the wealth accumulated over the past 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic.American friend Samir.“China has not participated in financial globalization to this day,” Amin advises. “If it had not participated in the process of financial globalization, it could have avoided the shocks caused by the current capitalist crisis.If it does, then inevitably China’s achievements will go to waste and it will be pillaged like Russia.”

At present, the financial sellout has cornered the country and the army.Please stand out who made the decision to fully open Up China’s financial sector. The current trade war is just a cover for the implementation of seller-country measures to cover up the financial opening.Compared with the loss of financial sovereignty, the outcome of the Trade war between China and the United States is insignificant.The financialization of economy is a new pattern of American new colonial countries, and the financial sovereignty will be handed over to the Jewish financial empire in the future.The entry of foreign financial institutions into China will only add to the mess that China’s finance has already been messed up by mortgage bubbles and loan sharks.In the face of the crisis, as long as the CENTRAL Military Commission is not sold to the Americans, the health of the country should be reduced to the point of collapse, we should find out a large number of Chinese financial han-traitor.In the future, China will not die from the enemy, but from the han-traitor, especially the financial han-traitor.At the plenum, China’s President, Xi Jinping, lambasted the financial sector for being “stuffed with scarecrows, spies and crocodiles”.The Supreme People’s Procuratorate also said: resolutely investigate and punish the “financial giants” and the “internal ghosts” of the transmission of benefits.

An analysis of China’s financial problems, only eyeful of terror and desolation!Financial speculation will only lead to risks if it does not produce wealth, and virtual finance will bring disaster to the country and the people.Financial Han – traitor have done what to sell – the country qiurong thing?To sum up, there are six points.1. Promote the opening of free trade zones to accelerate capital flight, leading to the countdown to China’s financial and economic collapse;2. By privatizing Banks and giving the right to distribute national wealth to western financial oligarchs such as the United States, the Banks lost more than $1 trillion in fire sales in 2007;3. Buy US bonds to introduce foreign capital to tie China to foreign chariots and print money to buy foreign currency for us dollars to lift the sedan chair;4. Cooperate with the international financial capital to short The Chinese stock market, and 40 million investors become the hostages of the financial han-traitors to blackmail the central government;5. Put the western financial shackles on China, and the United States has formed a strange financial parasitic relationship with China;6. Completely opening up the capital account and signing an unrestricted China-Us Investment agreement will destroy the bottom line of China’s financial security.

What do we do?I sum up 11 points: 1. Only the establishment of socialism can defeat the capitalist financial war, and only the patriotic forces of the left can save the country from financial death; 2.2. Completely withdraw from the WORLD Trade Organization, abolish all unequal treaties such as free trade area, establish its own international financial status, and compete boldly and resolutely with the United States for financial hegemony;3. Retrieve and master financial public opinion tools, including financial rating, to prevent Wall Street financial tycoons from controlling and influencing the trend of financial market by public opinion, and pro-Western media will disturb China’s financial order;4. Do not choose financial stocks with foreign capital to save the market, and avoid high foreign capital to cash out after the financial stock price rises;5. Financial institutions are instruments of state rule, and the process of financial opening to the outside world must be stopped immediately; otherwise, sovereignty will be lost and economic and financial control will be completely out of control.6. Refuse to turn foreign trade into commodities for ious, and goods created by sweat and sweat of labor should be exchanged only for those needed by the people of the country;7. In addition to legislating and enforcing the “crime of Financial fraud” and “crime of Financial pyramid selling”, cracking down on financial fraud pyramid selling should precede the legislation, because the laws sometimes cannot keep up with the pace, and the governmental supervision disorder and absence of supervision must be changed;Measures to stop the introduction of foreign capital, Wu Ming pointed out that the introduction of foreign capital is the key root cause of China’s financial crisis.Foreign capital is just a bubble, empty – handed white Wolf.To be precise, foreign capital is parasite, foreign capital is killing knife, foreign capital is heroin, foreign capital is cancer cells;9. Identify the so-called “financial experts” trained by the United States to spread the virus of market liberalization, remove officials who cooperate with the West in financial looting, and prevent a “family of cats and mice” in financial regulation;10. Beware that the currency free movement becomes a financial disaster for the US to sack China. Science and technology may be a disaster.11. We must conduct political background check or political examination on financial personnel who have returned from overseas study, eliminate financial Trojan horses, and employ patriotic talents in the financial field. It is absolutely impossible for them to end up with a tragic end if they have a bit of national integrity like Bo.

Finally, I stressed the need to investigate and eliminate the han-traitors and corrupt elements in the financial sector.Internet users have compiled a list of han-traitor brick scholars in the economic and financial fields, including Wu Jinglian, MAO Yushi, Yi Gang and others. Which of these “brick scholars”, “elite” and “called the tiger” have no background in studying abroad in Europe and the United States?It’s a seller-state-thief who’s been lurking for years.Making money in the financial sector is not only easy, but also huge.“Financial institutions, especially at the top, are too black, too black,” Wang said.Those who take large kickbacks in Financial transactions between China and the US must be arrested.We see that the financial comprador delivers far more to foreigners than it swallows.Therefore, it is necessary to resume the punishment of lingchi, hanging, and mutilation of the dog’s head. This set of cool law is specifically aimed at the heinous wealth of financial sellers – countries – thieves, who, together with the Western powers to short China, their SINS even nine people are not to be blamed.

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