Most second-hand clothes will go the same way

Second-hand clothing printed with Chinese characters is becoming a unique cultural phenomenon in Africa.

Last year, a travel blogger in Kenya, more than 10,000 kilometers away from home, found his old school uniform draped over the body of a local elder brother.

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Chengdu no. 7 out of the students really are promising, do not know the people thought that Chengdu no. 7 in Africa set up a branch.

The first time an African sees a Chinese character printed on a garment is the same as the first time a Chinese sees an inscription on an Egyptian pyramid.

In Africa, these Oriental mystical symbols of clothing, has quietly become the local wardrobe fashion items.

With red pants, a gold shirt with the word “life” on the back and a cane, you look like a fortune-teller who knows the five elements of gossip.

When Chinese tourists visit Africa and see black people walking by wearing Hungry or Meituan T-shirts, they are usually the first to turn on the delivery software in their mobile phones.

It was not until he could find nothing that he suddenly realized.

“I was driving through Kibera, the second largest slum in Africa, and I saw a lot of African guys wearing Meituan food and hungry me.”

In China, T-shirts laced with the words “commercials” are something that even people at their own companies want to take off immediately after work.But the clothes, with slogans such as “Open for Business” and “lowest on the web”, have become sought-after in the eyes of African fashion groups because of their bright colours.

A variety of colorful T-shirts for the black torso to add a profusion of color.

Wherever you go, you can always see a variety of school uniforms of Chinese students and workwear of Chinese enterprises.Chinese culture is migrating like wildebeest across the continent by printing on these secondhand clothes.

My friend Chen Gengxin’s sense of space and time is directly confused by T-shirts emblazoned with outdated Chinese Internet buzzwords.

But for Africans, there are no such pain memories.On the contrary, in their eyes, neatly arranged Chinese characters mean fashion.

“Even Qilu Securities has set up branches in Africa, which shows that the economic situation is good.”

Each time he wears the blue jacket he found at a second-hand sale, Neil finds more and more Chinese people asking to take pictures with him as he walks.

The last time one had chased him home with a video camera to get a close-up of the word “China” on his chest.He was given 1,000 Kenyan shillings after the sale, enough to buy two more red ones at the second-hand clothing market.

The Gicomba Market, northeast of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, is not only the largest open-air market in Kenya, but also the largest sales and distribution center for second-hand goods in the whole of East Africa.

There are thousands of stalls throughout the market, where thousands of second-hand clothes from China are transshipped every day.