Shuang is unique in the show business circle

When it comes to engagement, it is notoriously difficult to do.

Whether it is in the show to say that they do not want to take a scene on the mess to cry, or live when the black face away from the staff around, it is clearly their own wrong, but still become the guests in the major programs.

Why is that?Zheng Shuang himself told the truth about this matter.

Stars, gossip, morality

Because no matter what event she’s been on for so many years, as long as the heat comes up, her salary will go up.

So she was eager to make money in the discovery of this shortcut, has been intentional or unintentional “smart use” of this shortcut.

For example, not long ago, after she made a controversial reference to Deng Lun Jinchen in My Brother Chasing the Light, she posted a message on Weibo saying that she wanted to quit the recording, but the show refused.

Why can she let the program group so “retain”?Because her “straight talk” can bring a lot of heat to the show, both positive and negative.

When Zheng Shuang discovered her “ability”, a lot of TV programs rushed to give her money, hoping that she would say something amazing again.

People found that no matter what point on her body, even casually mentioned “I can’t handle Shanghai men”, can also earn a full topic.

Later, Hu was forced to post four microblogs in a row

Then round round vicious circle began, and the tolerance that the environment is right to her is to let her eat without bottom line more sweet.

In the eyes of her fans, Zheng Shuang is a beautiful and fragile little girl with a true disposition and full of personality.

So what she does is the fault of others, and Zheng Shuang just do yourself what is wrong?

If she admitted to the media that “for love plastic surgery”, it is straightforward.

So eat sweet, overnight up countless powder she later went more and more deviant.

Some netizens asked Zheng Shuang about her relationship. What did Zheng Shuang do as a star?

She and father directly opened the income Q&A, a question expensive is tens of thousands of, according to statistics, two people in the Q&A income of hundreds of thousands.

When it comes to generating traffic and then making money, Zheng Shuang is definitely a champion.

Even after the surrogacy was revealed to be abandoned, she did not forget to clarify why she is rich.

Maybe she thinks she’s not breaking the law. It’s inspiring to have so much money on her own at such a young age.

But rely on this kind of abnormal control flow means to make money, will only let their values deviate from the main track, more and more selfish.

What’s more, as a public figure, his own moral standards should be higher than ordinary people, to play a role in the example.