Shuang had two children, shocked everyone

Because these two days the capacity is too high, her sister first according to the time line to comb everyone.

On Jan. 18, 2021, Zhang Heng, Zheng’s former boyfriend, posted that he had not fled to the United States.

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And explained the reasons why he and his family stayed in the United States:

Just as everyone attacks Zhang Heng’s ambiguous and ambiguous remarks, the media broke Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s annulment of the marriage relationship documents.

Then came the birth certificates of the two children.

The mother column is Zheng Shuang.

Public opinion suddenly exploded, Zheng Shuang was on top of the hot search.

Is it this: You’re going to have a baby and wow everyone?

Many netizens are not convinced, because Zheng Shuang has been appearing in the audience in 2020, there is no time to get pregnant.

Zheng Shuang fans haven’t come and control the comments to whitewash, a new round of real hammer has come.

Zhang Heng’s friend said:

“Because Ms. Zheng Shuang did not cooperate with many legal procedures, Zhang Heng and the children could not return to China.”

Later, the media directly released an audio recording, which directly proved that Zheng Shuang had two pregnant mothers in the United States and had children successively.

What caused the most public outcry was not only the surrogacy, but Zheng’s abandonment of her child.

“These two kids are seven months old. You can’t beat them, damn it.”

Zheng’s family is adamant that they must either have an abortion or abandon their family.

After listening to the recording, blood pressure rose.

It was as if these were not two living children, but items that could be picked up and dropped in a store.

I really can’t help but say:

A small fairy can have what bad idea, she just surrogate pregnancy regret, also abandoned.

The public opinion ferment overnight, Zheng Shuang finally issued a statement on the 19th.

But this statement, the text of which is so confusing, sums it up:

  1. I was a surrogate in the United States, so it’s not illegal

2, do not allow the children to return to the country to consider the epidemic situation

No matter in America or China, I obey the law

Later, Zheng Shuang’s father also posted a post, saying that we are a responsible family, Zhang Heng is a cheating, cheating, money cheating and playing women’s feelings of the man.

Obviously, Zheng Shuang’s family did not realize their mistakes until now, trying to use Zhang Heng is not a good man, to clear their own charges, and even very wronged.

But this matter is not who is worse, the other person is not guilty, can not help but want to ask this family is what logic?

For this kind of violation of law, morality, public order good customs, fans can tolerate, the official media can not tolerate.

Even though Zheng has repeatedly said he did not break the law, the family’s disregard for human life cannot be denied.