All knowledge of learning, but memory

Take the star, recognized several outstanding students, no one is not a very strong memory!

Sa Beining, after reading a book, you can probably remember the whole content of the book.

Outstanding students, memory, career

Yang Mi, in just 30 seconds, can remember 19 random numbers.

Su Youpeng, 20 years of lines, even can be repeated word for word.

To what extent can a person’s memory be amazing?

A few days ago, in the World Memory Masters competition, I saw another contestant’s performance and was completely shocked again:

37 seconds to remember a deck of cards;

One week to recite a complete 5000 words of the obscure “Tao De Ching”;

One week to recite 6,000 level 6 words.

I can’t believe it. Is this a human brain?

Some people just do it.

With this achievement, he won the title of “World Memory Master” at the 17th World Memory Championships. He was one of only 60 people in the world at that time.

He thus became the ninth world memory master in China and the first world memory master in Hubei.

“Chutian Metropolis Daily”, “Wuhan Evening News” at the same time a large page of publicity, his award news.

One time, the whole country remembered his name – Yuan Wenkui.

In 2011, he led the team to win the first national championship in 20 years at the World Brain Championships.

Winning the championship and the third runner-up trophy, including the first nine.

By the end of 2015, he had trained 42 of the world’s Memory Masters, out of just over 200 in the world.

Fourteen of them have played on The Brain, and he is known as the “Grand Slam Memory Coach.”

Although others called him a “memory wizard”.

But seldom know, once he, ate all the suffering of poor memory.

Yuan Wenkui childhood memory is not very good, let him the most headache is to recite the text.

In high school, still often will just back will, turn a head to forget.

At that time, he deeply realized that he could not fight with others for time, only from improving the learning method and memory, it is possible to overtake the curve.

He kept experimenting and testing, and finally developed a unique “memory method.”

With the help of a powerful memorization technique, he also got a lot of benefits:

It only takes him one week to recite all the six levels of vocabulary books that make others headache.

When preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, others need to spend more than half a year, while he only needs two months to memorize all the knowledge of the entrance examination.

With this memorization method, he became the top student in his liberal arts class at school.

Later, he was admitted to Wuhan University and recommended for postgraduate study.

Memory, changed him, also let him change more people!

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