Here are a few people who are very convincing

Bragging is common these days, but it’s not common for someone to brag and convince you.

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Here are a few people who are very convincing:

Ordinary family Ma Huateng, I do not know his wife beauty Liu Qiangdong;

Regret to create Ali Jack Ma, Peking University also Sa Beining.

Among these people, Shujun is the most convinced, but also said that Sa Beining.

He can always show off in invisible, impossible to guard against:

“In those days, I was forced to drift north, because I was recommended to Peking University;Get the notice, very tangled, go far away from home, loved ones, but not to it, Peking University is also OK.”

The college entrance examination you can fill in to declare voluntary, but recommend send, you even the right that chooses a school to have no.

Sa Beining, a speech, is enough to make people angry.

Recently, however, someone has beaten Sa Beining’s confidence.

He even publicly challenged Sa and left him speechless.

One guy in particular stood out on the show “Heartthrobbing Offer.”

Wang Xiao, 25 years old, one appearance of self-introduction, is full of “lethal” :

He graduated from Stanford University this year.

After graduation, I passed the National Judicial Examination and TEM-8

Has won the Beijing excellent graduate, the school excellent graduation thesis award……

He talked about his personal awards for 2 minutes.

Opposite four famous lawyer interviewer, holding resume all fondly put down.

However, an irritating sentence “Versailles” came.

“These are simple self-introductions,” Wang said.

“Peking University is still OK” Sa Beining can not sit still, bluntly: this is still simple?He’s so exciting!

However, this is not the end, there are many more critiques to come:

The glass was a Stanford Law School special cup;

A fellow intern revealed that he wore a Stanford T-shirt to the interview.

Like traveling, learn English to TEM-8, go to Jamaica, Vanuatu……

As soon as he said that, the same day internship colleagues, can not help to give him applause.

One after another said: “he said some of the words, let a person very jealous.”

And said this sentence, is also the domestic top class university students ah!

How can Wang Xiao be so powerful?

Even Sa Beining felt that he was too good, He Jiong, Yang Naiwen said to talk to him, very pressure.

In the program, Wang Xiao to the “outstanding student” title, also repeatedly waved a hand.

He admits that he is not born excellent, but has a special, is a good memory:

“Knowledge is like a camera. You can take it out of your head at any time. I am a powerful knowledge base.”

How could such a person not be excellent?

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  • Good people have different experiences since childhood

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