Avenue to Jane, no pains, no gains

The true wisdom of the people, do not criticize others, but reflect on their own.

Mind, attitude, disillusionment

They do not complain about others or hate others. Instead, they look for their own problems and fix them when they have problems.

If you have no bottom line of kindness, will attract bullies you;If you tolerate no standards, you will attract people who cheat you.

Look more at their own problems, less to find the mistakes of others, do not casually to hold grudges.

Hate a person’s price, always is your own in bear, in order to hurt you of person, really not worth.

Lao Tzu once said:

The good way is no one’s fault.

The greatest disillusionment of a man is to see his own problems.

Some people say, “The fault is someone else’s, it’s not my fault, why should I reflect on it?”

Confucius once said, the translation is like this: from the fault of others to know others, from the fault of others to reflect on their own.

See others clearly, can choose and he keep how distance, is close or distant.

Understand yourself, in order to avoid more detours, to come out of the pain, touch happiness!

Avenue to Jane, no pains, no gains

Zeng Guofan said:

In fact, no matter what era, the road is simple, no pains, no gains.

Give will always get, the wrong people leave, there will always meet the right people.

Sow always have the fruit, summarize the experience of failure, always have the time of success.

Life is a process of constant precipitation and summary, we will not walk in vain every step of the way.Even the outcome of failure, but also the accumulation of experience.

Once deceived, we have a guard, will not be deceived again;

If we hit a wall, we learn to turn, so we don’t hit a wall again.

Learn the lesson, reflect on yourself, wake up, make a change!

We always have a chance to start over, even in old age, even in times of adversity, so what?Live only this time in your life, don’t settle for yourself, don’t wronged yourself.

Life, put down obsession, learn to see light, gather and scatter impermanence, learn to go with fate.Take responsibility at the same time, try to make yourself happy, is the greatest meaning of our life!

Life, focus on awakening, only constant introspection, constant self replacement, in order to continue to meet better yourself!

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  • True wisdom, don’t criticize others, but reflect on yourself.

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