There is nothing in the world, worry about nothing

It is said in the New Book of Tang:

Mind, attitude, disillusionment

There is nothing in the world, worry about nothing.

Life gives us all the same things.Who’s foot will not be flat, who’s life will not be without waves.

Obstacles are the original, stumbling to move forward.

To be a person, you should wake up, see clearly after the choice, in order to constantly transcend the self.

Wrong people, to know to let go

If you go wrong, you should turn back.People are wrong, learn to let go.

Sometimes, our lives can be carefree, but we live in a pool of mud.

In fact, it is not because of others, but because of our own.

We always have to deal with the wrong people.More than repentant friends, we always give in.We always consider well for others, but forget that some people in this world do not know how to cherish.

Too heavy feelings, even one day know that the other side does not cherish you, blindly count you, cheat you, but also to compromise, to forgive.

People, the most rare is disillusionment.

When you’re awake, you know your priorities, you know how to let go of ineffective social contacts, you know how to let go of people who don’t matter, and you know how to be the best you can be.

Life is based on perception and experience.

If the person in front of you, give you all pain, no happiness, let your days seem like years, then I want to say, you should wake up!

It is the first time to be a person, why always spoil the people who hurt you?

Reflection is not to blame

A person’s greatest accomplishment is to know how to see their own problems.

Whether others treat you well or not is other people’s business. What attitude you take is your own business.

The true wisdom of the people, do not criticize others, but reflect on their own.

They do not complain about others or hate others. Instead, they look for their own problems and fix them when they have problems.

If you have no bottom line of kindness, will attract bullies you;If you tolerate no standards, you will attract people who cheat you.

Look more at their own problems, less to find the mistakes of others, do not casually to hold grudges.

Hate a person’s price, always is your own in bear, in order to hurt you of person, really not worth.

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  • Our life can be easy, but we live in a muddy pool.

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