Have a healthy body easy to lose weight

Just when I was about to give up, my classmate who studied dietitian in the United States told me:

European and American actresses who are more likely to get fat than Asians do not lose weight by running, but by eating!

Will eat?I was skeptical, so I started experimenting on myself.

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But did not expect, less than 1 month, my weight Dally slow fall, unexpectedly lost 10 jin!

Since then, I began to study deeply, how to eat nutrition, delicious but also thin!

Three Factor Management: What diet can help prevent fat, carbohydrate and fat synthesis?

Emergency lightning protection law: know what is adipose the food that fears most, let oneself control weight at will, want thin thin, also not afraid of fat.

King person lies thin law: a shrimp 27 grams, 14 grams after going shell, quantity of heat 12 big calorie, how many eat already can thin, nutrition enough?

Good figure cultivation method: how to promote oneself metabolism?Develop a lean physique?

Every time my girlfriends see me eat a big meal, they are surprised: are you sure this is to lose weight?

But the fact is, the mouth is satisfied, the meat is also dropped.

In less than half a year, I not only found the figure, but also found the confidence!

Will “eat”, not only let me thin and healthy, but also let me sow the seeds of health for the whole family.

During the epidemic, I helped my children cook nutritious meals and helped my elderly mother get rid of high blood fats.

I also discovered the “truth” about weight loss

Once you learn to eat, you have a healthy body that is easy to lose weight.

People get fat because they don’t choose their food.

Hello, my name is Tong Jiani.

A lot of people know me because my husband – Dang Ning is far away.

As a well-known fitness coach in the circle, he has guided the fitness training of the entertainment industry’s top stars Li Chen, Ning Zetao, Zheng Duoyan, Yang Zongwei and so on.

He has helped tens of thousands of students lose weight.

The key to successful weight loss is not simply exercise.

Many celebrities have lost weight, like Gao Yuanyuan, Yang Mi, Angelababy…It was under the guidance of private education and the coordination of nutritious meals that they were successful.

As a celebrity nutritionist, I know the importance of eating.

My original “caloric management method” helps more than 8W people lose fat easily and develop the habit of caloric control and healthy diet.

Now they often sigh:

“So thin down, is such a simple thing!”

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  • The key to successful weight loss is not just exercise. A reasonable diet and a filtered life are also very important.

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