Eating can make you lose weight faster

Recently, “rich daughter-in-law” Xi Mengyao and her husband He You Jun appeared in “Happy Trio”, which attracted a lot of onlook-on!

Health, weight loss, body management

The meal scene, in particular, has been hotly debated by millions of netizens.

It turns out that in order to lose weight quickly, Xi only eats a few bites at a time…

Even when fill a meal, clip a chopstick face still too much, pick again in He You Jun bowl.

Netizens mocked her for eating so little that she would rather be fat.

But want to thin down, really so difficult?

Of course not. For example, a few days ago, Sun Li helped her friend lose weight and became very popular.

Sun Li only offered to eat the suggestion, let a friend in 4 months lost 30 jins, from aunt change back to a girl!

Look at Sun Li, is already the mother of two children, but she still waist thin legs long, still have good-looking charming lines…

It doesn’t seem that strange.

And perennial in the cast of her, all kinds of crazy eating crazy drinking, sometimes a set of play eat a whole 12 drumsticks……

But what about her body?Not out of shape!

Colleagues could not help but tease: where is there a person with such a big appetite, but also crazy eating not fat?

In fact, after giving birth to Sun Li, and so on, also ever fat to 130 jins, even in order to reduce weight, also ever crazy diet, endocrine disorder, often sick.

Below the help of dietitian later, she just realizes, correct reduce weight is 3 minutes practice 7 minutes to eat.

Since then, she has paid attention to her diet and her life has become healthier and healthier.

Now 38 years old, the weight still maintains in 90 jin.

“Eating” can make you lose weight faster and healthier than “not eating.”

Some wonder, some marvel, but I can tell you from my own experience that it is true.

Many people see me for the first time, the impression is: good figure, appearance level is high, goddess……

However they do not know, once I once fat to 140 jins, incomparable inferiority!

After the birth of two children, the weight has not fallen off, because of fat, but also encountered a lot of embarrassment:

Shopping always can’t buy the right pants, clothes again good-looking put on also appear soil;

When I’m photographed with my girlfriends, I’m always the fattest and oldest one.

After sitting down, the meat on the stomach is like a thousand layer cake piled together…

Do not steam steamed buns also have to contend for tone…Others can dislike me, but I can’t give up on myself.

So I ran, dieted, took diet pills, acupuncture…

Can be stable weight, but reduce a pile of diseases: stomachache, menstruation is not adjusted!

Oh, am I going to be a fat and ugly woman?

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  • A reasonable diet is important to keep in shape, not just skip meals

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