The real scenery worth watching is yourself

After the boss left, her friend’s value at the table shot up, and people started talking to her and trying to figure out what she was up to.

Mental, mature, cautious

The friend smiled to say: “I am a researcher, we do a subject recently and their company have a little relationship, so met once.”

Then the author asked his friend:

“Why didn’t you say anything about yourself at the party?”

My friend, the project director of a multi-million euro EU-funded laboratory working on cutting-edge research that could yield billions of dollars in profits, shrugged and said:

“So what?I am not a child and a husband, who has to pay a mortgage for 20 years and is a middle-aged woman who suffers every day.

In fact, at my age, I don’t need affirmation of my worth.”

Most of the time, a lot of people want to live in the respect of others, enjoy others to the envy of the eyes.

To this end at the bottom of the display of their own status, to show off their own talent, showing off their own possession, Shouting their own achievements.

Those who eagerly want to decorate their own behavior with external prosperity, just revealed their inner inferiority and insignificance.

The real scenery worth watching is yourself.

Wu Jingzi once wrote a poem in The Scholars:

Some resigned to return to their hometown, some starry night to attend the imperial examination.

Young people do not know the taste of sorrow, old to know the road is difficult.

When we are young, we are always afraid that others will look down upon us.

Whenever you have some achievements and reputation, have been to some places, have seen some characters, wish like Song Jiang face harsh words, people can see at a glance, call others suddenly envy of feeling.

The most difficult thing for a truly mature person is to see whether the mountain is the mountain, whether the mountain is not the mountain, and whether the mountain is behind the mountain.

Instead of expecting others’ affirmation, I prefer the certainty of my inner world.

Who I am, where I am, and how much I am worth, I have my own judgment of my own worth, rather than the need to satisfy myself by pleasing others, gaining respect and recognition from others.

After a few years, when you’re halfway through your life, you’ll suddenly realize that you had only yourself for company except the scenery.

When we walk with a mature heart, you will understand:

Can support life, in addition to the scenery along the way, only their own.

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  • Your life is the most beautiful, just show your life well

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