It has been said that one of the signs

In the first episode of the third season of Black Mirror, there was a story about the world that had a “rating” system for each other, where everyone met and communicated with each other and gave each other a rating ranging from one to five stars.

Mental, mature, cautious

So everyone on the show really values recognition and approval.

Choose a nice Angle to look at someone’s photo, even if the cake tastes terrible, take the picture before spitting.

See hated colleagues, but also have no words to find words smiling face, wearing a false mask only to brush each other high scores.

In order to live in the dream apartment, the heroine needs to get a high score of 4.5 in a short period of time, which must be swiped, which means she needs to get five stars like from a large number of users with high scores.

She is desperate to attend the wedding of some upper-class bestie, this process, she unfortunately encountered flight cancellation, since driving without oil, car was hurt, and finally was even given up by bestie, score “sharp turn straight down”.

In the end, she was extremely depressed, went to the extreme, released all the dark power in her heart, and went to the doomed eternally.

Vanity, jealousy, anxiety, desperate to please the society, and in the process each person gradually loses his or her own sanity.

It has been said that one of the signs of growing up is to stop caring about what others think of you.

Most of the time, we often care about, but it is someone else’s heart out of a word and an action.

A person’s greatest pain, often with other people’s ideas and standards, to control and measure their own life.

Writer Lu Lu once shared an interesting story.

A friend of hers came to Shanghai for a conference, and in order to optimize her schedule, she took the author to an industry reception party.

The people at the party, eating while bragging, this one said, our company is going to get financing;The other one said, I just came back from Dubai, where we stayed for a month at the Galleon House.The third said, “We just bought a villa in Shanghai.”

As the author and her friend stood awkwardly in the corner, the general manager of the company that hosted the party found her friend in the crowd and ran over to make a toast, thanking her friend for coming and giving her a business card in person.

After the boss left, her friend’s value at the table shot up, and people started talking to her and trying to figure out what she was up to.

The friend smiled to say: “I am a researcher, we do a subject recently and their company have a little relationship, so met once.”

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  • Vanity, jealousy, and anxiety will gradually make people lose their sanity.

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