Letting go is also an attitude towards life


Ancient poem cloud: “to drink when the song, life geometry!The morning dew, for example, is a bitter day.”

Each person has each person’s pain, different people have different worries.

If we say that the life of hard journey, is a time to give everyone a practice.

So long years, teach us only two words, called release!

To let go is to let go of the past

“The Analects of Confucius said:” If you do not say anything, then do not expostulates, let bygones be bygones.

It means that some things are already done, and it is useless to criticize them;Some things, destined to happen, stop useless;Let bygones be bygones. There is no use digging into them.

It is better to live in the present than to dwell on the past.

The force is not enough, give up decisively, unable to return to the day of things, do not have to condemn sigh for it.

Learn to let go, is to learn to say goodbye to the past.

When you wake up and regret for yesterday, you are still living in yesterday.

When you decide to move into the future, leave the past behind.

Four Teachings said:

“Once upon a time, such as yesterday’s death;From then on, like today.”

The past thousands of things, over yesterday, and I have nothing to do with;From now on, start all over again.

To let go is to learn to let it go according to one’s ability.

How much ability, how much work, an ant may shake a tree, of no avail, praying mantis when a car, take its shame.

If you try your best to do what you can, even if you don’t succeed, you will have no regrets in this life.

It’s better to sit tight, let nature take its course, and believe that everything is the best arrangement.

To let go of the past is to let go of the past.

To let go is to look down on people’s words

The words of The Book:

“No one speaks behind his back, no one speaks before him.”

Life is but talk about others, and be talked about, seriously you will lose.

Every man’s words are but the expression of his own thoughts. It is better to let go than to care.

There is a fable about a father and son leading a donkey to the fair.

At first, the father was riding the donkey, and the son was leading the donkey. A passer-by saw him and said:

“When the father is very cruel, riding his donkey, let his son walk.”

So the father came down and put his son on it.

Before long, some passersby were pointing and saying:

“The son is unfilial. Let the father walk and ride the donkey himself.”

So they both got on the donkey’s back.

At this time, another passer-by passed by and said lovingly:

“Two men riding a donkey is too cruel to a donkey.”

Father and son walked together, neither rode.

Then he heard the people nearby laughing loudly:

“It is foolish not to ride a donkey.”

You can never please everyone, no matter how much you try to please them.

Don’t care what others think, can live for yourself, live their own appearance.

And the ancients said, ‘Gossip and ruin.’

Words are powerful, but if you don’t take them too seriously, you can get away with nothing.

Those who can be easily swayed by a word from others will eventually become handan learners and forget how to take their own way.

To let go of one’s fear is to look down upon one’s words.

To let go lies in an idea to open.

When something happens, smile more. Then you will suddenly be enlightened and instantly let go.

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  • For things that cannot be controlled, let go decisively

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