Ordinary people suffer from imperfect parts

Her lack of confidence in herself comes from a small moment: when she went to school, she was nicknamed hemp pole by her classmates because she was tall and thin;When I was a flag-bearer, the people behind me hated my thick legs;My nose is flat, my eyes are wide apart, I have freckles…

 Women, dignity, fashion

Yoyo’s experience is also Qixi’s own.

Qi Xi is not a beauty in the “standard sense”. When she wanted to take an acting test, she did not dare to say that she wanted to be an actress. Once she said that, there would be countless people who want to give her appearance “suggestions” : you need to pad a nose, your face is too wide, you had better cover it, your skin is not too good…

Even ordinary people suffer from imperfect parts of themselves, not to mention actors who often have to face the camera. Even a part that is not perfect can easily attract ridicule.

“Magic mirror” the first episode of the bullet screen to illustrate this point, even if the story is to convey “beauty is not the standard,” there are still people said: makeup good thick where good-looking, bad skin…

Then some people said: Bullet screen finished the final production of this drama.

Fortunately, Qi xi met a man who gave her directions like a plastic surgeon on the show, and kept her from indulging in self-doubt about her appearance.

Her teacher said that a really good actor is by no means defined by his looks.Beauty should not have standards, can be beautiful, can be beautiful smile, can also be beautiful atmosphere, temperament…

Qi Xi relied on this sentence in the entertainment industry, she became a lot of literary film director of the actress, in “The Mystery of the City”, “rhinoceros in love”, “Auld Lang Syne” and other works have excellent performance.

Qi Xi, a ballet dancer from primary school, is also a lovely and elegant woman of literature and art.

She doesn’t tweet much, but the profile says “Phenomenal cat slave.”

She raised two short, fat and beautiful, usually at home, what she likes to do is to tease the cat to suck the cat and talk to the cat, every day to the cat master “fawning”, “kneel beg”.

As a goddess of literary films, she loves reading and writing.After filming Everything Grows, she stayed at home for eight months to read and write “All things Strange”.

When She was young, she had a good foundation in composition, which had gradually acquired a foundation in literature, but writing was more like a relaxation in her daily life.

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  • Maybe ordinary people will one day dream of becoming a person of great interest

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