In addition to the plot reflects the social reality

Yesterday, I used Ella’s birth process and the best Korean TV series of the year to tell the truth about many women giving birth. Many readers shared their experiences in the comments section, which made me moved and distressed. It is not easy to be a mother.

However, from childhood to adulthood, women have to go through the “99 81 difficult” and not only this one thing?

 Women, dignity, fashion

South Korea has “Postpartum Care” and “82-year-old Kim Chi Young” to speak for women, but the recently released domestic drama “Hear Her Say” is also speaking for women.

Yesterday just saw Yang Zi’s “Make a wish”, single girl xiaoyu was mother mind control, moral kidnapping can not escape, let a person immediately think of “Hidden corner”, Zhu Chaoyang’s mother is also the name of love to kidnap children, it is the fault of the derailed man, but punish yourself and the child for a lifetime, is it worth it?

“Hear Her” was inspired by the BBC’s one-act drama “She Says: Moments in a Woman’s Life”, which was filmed two years ago.The format is the same, with eight different themes, and only one woman tells her story forcefully throughout the scene.

Zhao Wei, who was touched by the drama, contacted BBC to buy the copyright and prepared for 2 years, which was difficult to release.At the beginning, no investors could be found, and everyone said, “No one will buy this attempt.

Realistic, but terrifying – when will women’s voices really be heard?

The stubborn Zhao Wei himself to attract sponsorship (after the play advertising is Zhao Wei’s own business), the actors do not charge a penny charity performance, the early almost no publicity, quietly released, this is a social significance more than commercial significance of the new play, very recommend everyone to see.

In addition to the plot reflects the social reality, the actors also have a lot of my “heart”!The qi Xi of the first set beautiful opening, 20 minutes of play perfect a Yang Zi, luck is not very good but recently began “lucky” Wang Zhi, has been very gentle and powerful xu Mei…Bai Baihe, Yang Mi, Xi Meijuan, Hao Lei, these actresses alone are worth writing about.

The second episode of “Hear Her Speak” has just been released, so let’s take a look at some of these moving actresses.

Qi Xi: I am not perfect, perfect pale

Qi Xi, who took the lead in the first episode “Magic Mirror”, may be unfamiliar to many audiences, but her performance really touched me.

She plays web celebrity Yoyo, a person who suffers from facial anxiety. She feels that she is not perfect and beautiful, so she suffers from extreme inferiority.

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  • When will the female voice be heard?

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