A person who really cares about the society

The magic is that Zhao recreated the film on the stage of actors please take your Place.All the directors, actors, producers and writers invited to serve as judges are closely related to what is on the big screen. The two look at each other.

Everyone in the heart will have their own secret emerged, may be sad, may be ashamed, may also be the tacit understanding of a smile.

 Women, dignity, fashion

Outside and inside the play, the conflict into a huge energy of puns, the common completion of black humor.

In fact, in addition to “So Young”, There is also “Two Tigers”.It basically covers two directions of Zhao Wei’s aesthetic preference: pure love and black humor.

Love who are in the film, but black humor, and rare.Inland Ning Hao is one of the most successful.I’ve seen a couple of Mazes of the Heart, The Killers, and Blowout Silent since, but none of them have had much success.

Because the director of black humor, need very high personal quality, in addition to the scriptwrting ability, also need to have a sense of humor, cold insight, but also have some sense of social responsibility, because the core of black humor is the reality, the correct satire.

Quentin, the Coen brothers and Guy Ritchie are all very authorial directors.

Zhao Wei has a have, is that she really care about the society, she set up a charity fund to save leukaemia patients, also filmed a documentary “light of love”.I watched that documentary. It was more like a promo.But this kind of documentary is not really about the art, it’s about what she’s doing.

In addition, as the chief director, she made a documentary series “Starlight”, the theme of which is poverty alleviation.It’s a bit of a political mission, but as an actress who has arguably made her mark, she has more practical options, doesn’t she?

Just as her “hear her say” one kind, from the beginning of investment on a wave of three discount, the market has told her, alone white drama has a risk.Zhao Wei may start, decided to do a thankless job, to do the best.

A person who really cares about the society can make black humor.

It is found that the most successful black humor is all male directors, because black humor needs to be cruel, coarse, playful and absurd instead of delicate, soft and warm.

Zhao wei enjoys the stage of “Actors in Place” because she is “experimenting at public expense” to explore her own depth in the field.

How I hope, Zhao Wei can “hear her say”, into 8 black humor story ah, that is just like her “theater”, is a kind of drama inside and outside the intertext.Listen, a former excellent actress is now a female director shooting black humor.

In the end, whatever she does, she is doing something that deserves to be saluted.

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  • A person who really cares about society will change the plight of this society by constantly doing charity

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