Everyone in the heart have their secret emerged

She was in the first season, shot a rob a short piece – two fools to rob malatang shop, make a lot of jokes.It’s kind of like one of my favorite domestic movies from the early years, Nightclub, or Guy Ritchie’s The Swindler.

For this year’s Cast in Place, she managed to remake Woody Allen’s Bullets Across Broadway into a miniseries called The Theater.That’s one of my favorite woody Allen movies.Unlike Woody Allen’s usual middle-class derision, this movie is a satire on “art.”

 Women, dignity, fashion

A writer, wrote the script for 5 years, finally have the boss want to invest, but the condition is to install his stupid girlfriend, also sent a young ancient bodyguard personal guard.

The bodyguard watches the sister-in-law in the theater every day and gives her the lines after the rehearsal.Finally one day, the bodyguard really can not stand the writer melodramatic, obscure, pretentious lines, he put forward a modification of the scene.

The writer was furious, but found that after the bodyguard had changed the script, it was indeed more fluid and natural.Then came the bodyguard’s genius, Bully, who helped the writer turn the script into a good one.

The play is about to go on. Conflicts between the writer and the bodyguard break out. The bodyguard thinks that Sister-in-law’s performance has defiled the play, but the writer compromises, thinking that art can be flawed, as long as the flaw can make the “art” appear.

Before the bodyguard opened the play, the sister-in-law to the river, assassinated sister-in-law.

The magic is that Zhao recreated the film on the stage of actors please take your Place.All the directors, actors, producers and writers invited to serve as judges are closely related to what is on the big screen. The two look at each other.

Everyone in the heart will have their own secret emerged, may be sad, may be ashamed, may also be the tacit understanding of a smile.

Outside and inside the play, the conflict into a huge energy of puns, the common completion of black humor.

In fact, in addition to “So Young”, There is also “Two Tigers”.It basically covers two directions of Zhao Wei’s aesthetic preference: pure love and black humor.

Love who are in the film, but black humor, and rare.Inland Ning Hao is one of the most successful.I’ve seen a couple of Mazes of the Heart, The Killers, and Blowout Silent since, but none of them have had much success.

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  • Everyone will have their own secrets in their hearts, along with them for a lifetime

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