Most of my pity comes from the fact

If Zhao Wei shoots like this, she will not pass the censorship. This is the problem of the above environment.

The circumstances below are not encouraging either.Under the premise that the audience is “cool”, “exciting” and “no-brainer” and lazy, such a technique of expression, alone white drama, the threshold to watch is too high.

 Women, dignity, fashion

Even the BBC’s masterpiece has been seen by 11,000 people over the past two years.Douban is labeled “European Underdog.”

Therefore, most of my pity comes from the fact that it would be better if I could adapt the form of Dubai opera to make it more suitable for viewing at present, arouse the impulse of forwarding by the audience, and spread such a powerful thing more widely in addition to its meaning and “luxury card”.

Zhao Wei also has such ability.

“Actors in Place” two seasons of a total of five directors, Zhao Wei is the entire stage, the only one to enjoy the director.

Chen Kaige and Li Shaohong, both of them give me the feeling of “old qualification to cash out”.Knowing that they were positioned as a way to raise the show’s tone, they inculcated and coaxed them into delivering a show that was not good enough, or worth breaking through.

Derek yee, I feel like I’m trying to be steady: I’m doing my best. You can do whatever you want. I don’t care what comes out, because I’ve done my job.This is what Hong Kong’s industrial films have branded him.

Generally speaking, these veteran directors are above this program, knowing that this is just a variety show.

And Guo Jingming, not to mention, he in addition to the selection of concubines, also need to prove themselves, leading to all of his films one too hard pale.

Zhao wei is the only one who enjoys it. Whether it is in the form of a stage play or on set, she always rewrites the play, reconstructs the temperament of the play and takes it seriously.

For example, in the first season, there is a segment where several directors shoot each other’s works.Zhao Wei got Li Shaohong’s “Daming Palace Ci”.Zhao Wei completely separated from “Daming Palace ci”, shot a modern short film.

Take “Daming Palace words” in the princess Taiping and Xue Shao meet for the first time with the mask, as the main axis of the play, with a play within the play routine, to tell the story of a love among the choice.

There is a pun here. The mask is a prop used in the interview of the hero and heroine in the drama, and also a grim mask worn by the hero after he is interviewed for the role of “Da Ming Gong Ci”.

Finally, The final, Zhao Wei shot “Brother” that small film, is the four director of the ultimate work most touched me, is a similar story “Sea heaven”, dementia brother and a brother who was born.

The clip shows the younger brother trying to throw away his brother after his birthday.

Although such themes are not uncommon, Zhao takes into account the integrity of the story, the richness of the characters, the emotional game, and the beauty of the lens.

Of course, the feeling I got from those movies was that they gave me high scores.The bonus point that surprises me is that Zhao likes black humor very much.

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