The first of the two episodes of the white

These two days, Zhao Wei launched the female monologue series “Hear Her” online, the first episode is played by Qi Xi, about women’s appearance anxiety.The second episode is played by Yang Zi, about the native family.

“Hear Her say” is short, about 20 minutes each.

 Women, dignity, fashion

There will be six more episodes, which I watched on Zhao Wei’s weibo, which is similar to what I expected, involving older single women, stay-at-home moms, domestic violence, midlife crises, objectification of women, and, presumably, workplace sexism.

In short, almost all the issues that are hot on the market about women will be presented in this series.

After watching two episodes, my gut feeling is, it’s a shame.

Zhao Wei’s “Listen to Her” is a remake of the BBC’s “She Says: Moments in A Woman’s Life”.

Single white drama, simply put, is by one actor, from beginning to end.Although it is not a long shot, there are camera transfer and scene transformation, but it is narrated in the first person.

The first of the two episodes of the white drama was when the actor was sexually assaulted by an unspoken rule:

The second episode of the old lady’s monologue has too many elements: native family, racism, homosexuality, gender career ceiling.

BBC makes great efforts in the breadth and depth of its exploration, maximizes women’s issues and puts them into the most extreme environment, which forms a strong dramatic conflict, and to some extent eliminates the dullness of the expression form of white drama alone.

If Zhao Wei shoots like this, she will not pass the censorship. This is the problem of the above environment.

The circumstances below are not encouraging either.Under the premise that the audience is “cool”, “exciting” and “no-brainer” and lazy, such a technique of expression, alone white drama, the threshold to watch is too high.

Even the BBC’s masterpiece has been seen by 11,000 people over the past two years.Douban is labeled “European Underdog.”

Therefore, most of my pity comes from the fact that it would be better if I could adapt the form of Dubai opera to make it more suitable for viewing at present, arouse the impulse of forwarding by the audience, and spread such a powerful thing more widely in addition to its meaning and “luxury card”.

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  • Women’s appearance anxiety is caused by many reasons

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