The third aspect: things come back

The third aspect: things come back

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The so-called things have to return, is to handle things steadily.The implication is also down-to-earth.In current words, it is to grasp the implementation.Everything done have a beginning and an end, have a beginning and an end, is not only ke Qin small things, but also perseverance.


Doing business, a lot of people hope to get rich overnight, do not know how to make small profits, over time;Living at home, many people do not know how to economize, like to spend freely, and finally lead a life without land;To seek a career, many people suddenly amazing, a thing is not finished, they put down to do other things, but do not know the cause from the accumulation of small, fame needs inch tired.


Zeng Guofan wrote in his letters that although he was in the official office of the Ministry of Rites, he was meticulous and methodical in doing the usual things for the state, and he was also very willing to do so.Unremittingly, try to arrange, that is, things here have come back.


The fourth phase: heart and aid


Charity is to know how to care about “external things”, including caring for others, caring for the society, caring for the world.Having a charitable heart and knowing that helping others is actually helping yourself, such a person is rich and valuable in spirit even if he is not rich in material.Does giving and giving not mean that this person is a rich mine?


Heart and aid, is the “reach and aid the world” “the world’s first worry and worry, after the world’s joy and joy” spirit.A person heart aid, the pattern is big.How big the pattern, the world is how big;How dedicated, how professional;How much you can help others, how much you will get in return.This is the true meaning of heart aid, the connotation of rich phase.

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  • Caring for others, caring for the society, caring for the world, my heart will become very open-minded

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