How terrible it is to be manipulated by your mother

How time flies!Always thought that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was yesterday, carefully calculate, it has actually passed the full 12 years.Shocking picture, blooming fireworks, jubilant crowd.

Also, dressed in a red skirt, wearing a double ponytail, standing in the middle of the stage, singing the five-star red flag flying in the wind.

It was a hot day and she had been standing there alone for a long time before the camera caught up with her.

The fringe was drenched with sweat on her forehead.

Later she said that she didn’t know what the opening ceremony was and she just wanted to finish the song according to the instructions of the adults.

Little did she know that the song, sung a million times, would create so much controversy and controversy for many years to come.

The girl’s name is Lin Miaoke.

She was nine when she appeared in the Olympics.

Young as she was, there was a strange maturity about her movements.

Whether it is makeup, movement, or expression, every frame is perfect, but it seems perfect and a little false.

The Olympics were not Lin miaoke’s first stage.

Before that, she had been taken by her mother to appear in many commercials.

Lin miaoke’s mother, Liu Zheping, was 39 years old when she gave birth to her daughter.

As an old woman, Liu Zheping is eager to pour all her love into his daughter.

When Lin Miaoke was a year old, Liu Zheping noticed her daughter’s difference — as soon as she learned to walk, she began to imitate dancers on TV.

Liu thinks this is an artistic talent his daughter inherited from herself and her photographer husband.

So in order to turn her daughter into the artist of her dreams, Liu Decided to quit her job as a university professor and become a stay-at-home mom with only her daughter in mind.

Take care of my daughter’s daily life and take her to various advertising interviews.

Liu zheping takes care of everything for his daughter and also devotes all his efforts to her.

In those years, Beijing just happened to have a batch of popular child stars.

“The home has children” in Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan, you Hao Ran, “My Own Swordsman” in the role of Mo Xiaobei Wang Shasha…

Like many parents, Liu hopes his children will seize a chance at fame.

After several commercials and TV series, Lin miaoke and her mother waited for the chance.

In 2008, Lin miaoke was selected as one of the young performers for the opening ceremony solo.

Another girl who competed with her for the final chance to play was Yang Peiyi.

In an interview much later, Zhang Yimou, the chief director of the opening ceremony, recalled how Yang peiyi had a talent for singing, even though she had no professional musical training.

Unfortunately, Yang Peiyi, two years Lin miaoke’s junior, is in the middle of a tooth transition during Olympic rehearsals.

What about Lin Miaoke?A little older, appearance seems to have a slight advantage.

However, her intonation is a big problem.

The two girls have clear strengths and weaknesses, and the director team has been unsure who to choose.

Under pressure, Zhang made his choice: Lin Miaoke went on stage to play Yang Peiyi’s voice.

Anyway, the foreigners are just looking at it and they don’t understand what they’re singing.

But this decision, let Zhang Yimou regret 10 years.

In an interview three days after the opening ceremony, Chen Qigang, the opening ceremony’s music director, revealed the truth about Lin’s use of other girls’ voices.

For an instant, overnight burst of red Lin Miaoke was on top of the storm of public opinion.

The Internet went wild with photos of the two children:

“Yang Peiyi is so lovely. What’s wrong with her?Why eliminate her at the last second?”

Someone says:

“Lip-synching itself is immoral. How could Lin Miaoke be in the Olympics without her background?”

It has backstage, installs, is the entertainment machine, is the political struggle product…

In fact, now looking back on these things, many netizens have changed their ideas.

Lin Miaoke was only nine years old at that time.

What decision could a child have, in such a solemn occasion, in such a world dominated by grown-ups?

But at that time, most people could not understand.

Everyone thinks, it is Lin Miaoke USES “means” to squeeze Yang Peiyi, she stole should belong to Yang Peiyi’s honor and life.

Indeed, after the Olympics, Lin Miaoke became popular.

At that time, there was no weibo, WeChat, Lin miao can be run by the mother’s real-name weibo fans overnight countless.

Calls from relatives and friends are making non-stop at home and on mobile phones.

For a long time, Lin miaoke was afraid to go out with two braids — she was so classic at the opening ceremony that everyone knew her and wanted to say hello and take a photo with her.

She even appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage…

In those two years, Lin Miaoke was praised to the sky like an idol of The Times.

When his daughter became famous, Liu Zheping’s dream came true.

In the face of swarms of interviews and contracts, Liu Zheping made a wrong decision.

Did not invite a special team, also do not want to put the daughter of the hands of others.

Liu Zheping’s monitoring of the “baby” at home has become tighter and tighter.

The contract had to be personally reviewed, the time arranged, the makeup coordinated by her, every piece of clothing and every pair of shoes her daughter had to choose.

But Liu Zheping ignored a problem:

She doesn’t know anything about business, she doesn’t know anything about fashion, she’s too far away from the entertainment world, there’s too wide a gap between her and this rich and mysterious world.

Therefore, looking at Lin Miaoke’s news, most of them are mocking the young girl, who is mature, precocious, pretentious…

Wearing clothes and shoes that are not her age, she always stands out in a crowd of stars.

Meanwhile, due to too many jobs, Lin miaoke often took time off from school and disappeared when she should have been attending school.

She became increasingly distant from friends of her own age, and she didn’t have the chance to hang out like a normal child.

Around her, are all kinds of staff, are all kinds of stars, is always ignore her inner needs of adults…

And the mother who was always there for her, the round-the-clock nanny.

An interview with Lin Miaoke impressed me deeply.

In the camera, she moves and speaks like a middle-aged woman torn from her job.

She said she didn’t know how to cross the road alone until she was fifteen.

Under such control, Lin Miaoke became 20 years old in a blink of an eye.

As child stars grow up, one of the dilemmas they face is transformation.

If the transformation fails, for example, in this year’s variety show Please Take your Place, both Wang Shasha and Cao Jun, who were once popular, are wearing the halo of child stars, but they are faced with the dilemma of having no drama to shoot.

So is Lin Miaoke.

Due to the pressure from family and public opinion, Lin miaoke admitted that she has a problem with overeating.

She began to lose weight at her mother’s request when she was growing.But the more stressed she is, the more food she craves and the harder it is to lose weight.

Lin Miao is a good-looking girl.

It’s just that in the entertainment industry, where everyone is good-looking, her beauty has become more and more common and ordinary.

In the media’s attention, Lin Miaoke failed several art exams.

In the end, she chose Nanjing University of the Arts as the place to realize her university aspirations.

After leaving home and living an independent life, Lin miaoke said that she finally broke away from being a good boy and became rebellious for the first time.

Although her gestures and actions still imitate the adult appearance, but sometimes become “bad” a little bit, learn to fight with parents, is also the beginning of real growth.

These days, Lin Miaoke, 21, has become a hot search because of her interviews.

Many people couldn’t help but wonder: What about Yang Peiyi, who hid behind the opening ceremony?

It is impossible to say that she was not affected.

After the Olympic Games, sensible Yang Peiyi or cry, she said: There should have been me.

Having experienced the storm, Yang Peiyi’s family did not choose to hype it up. Instead, they used another way to protect their daughter.

Like all ordinary students, Yang peiyi read books step-by-step and lived a quiet and happy childhood.

She had many friends and hobbies and was admitted to the China Symphony Orchestra.

When she grew up, she became addicted to makeup, traveled around the world and continued to play her music.

It is impossible to say without regret that I missed such a grand Olympic Games.

But regret is itself one of the best parts of life.

For more than a decade, Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi have had little overlap in their lives.

Once because of an adult’s decision, two children went on different paths.

Now, they are adults, too.

If there is a node for adults, I think it is more meaningful from the moment of spiritual independence than when I am 18 years old.

It is the joy of being an adult to take responsibility for one’s life without the protection of one’s parents.

I hope Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi can enjoy this kind of happiness.

Hope every adult can enjoy this kind of happiness.

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  • Children have great talents and should develop their own interests. But parental intervention may change the growth trajectory

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