The second blessing: humility and tolerance

People who are humble and tolerant are bound to be more successful from a business standpoint.

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Qian, in the Book of Changes is a hexagram name, called “Di Shan Qian”.The image of the hexagrams is a picture of high mountains hidden beneath the ground. In other words, at the top of a precipitous mountain, there is a plain where the sky is clear and the clouds are thousands of miles long. However, it feels plain and unprecipitous.


Everything step back is modest, not arrogant is modest, let a step is modest, more say thank you, sorry, is modest, modest hexagram six yao all good.In addition to the modest hexagrams, the other hexagrams are either good or bad, or good or bad.The truth of humble hexagrams is like this.

When you reach the top, be honest. Don’t think you are high. This is the truth of modesty.So the mountain is modest, the highest mountain, like kunlun mountain, the top of the Himalayas, how high it is!But what’s the use of height?High to be able to go down.The top of the mountain is flat, which means that the highest point should be the most ordinary, the most ordinary and the most humble is the Humble hexagram.


Inclusion is to include tolerance, magnanimity, to tolerate people, things, and words.Forgiveness is the essential lubricant in human interaction.Zeng Guofan taught us this: you cannot enjoy all your blessings, and you cannot use up all your powers.


The best expression of Zeng’s tolerance is his relationship with Tso zongtang.In fact, Tso’s subsequent achievements could not have been possible without zeng’s help.

However, Zuo Zongtang had a bad temper, that is, he liked to curse people. In those days, he called fan Xie “son of a bitch”, and the incident came to the capital, the emperor ordered to kill Zuo Zongtang. Fortunately, Zeng Guofan, Hu Linyi and others intervened, zuo zongtang survived.

Under the recommendation of Zeng Guofan, Zuo zongtang rose higher and higher.Zuo hurled insults at Zeng Guofan to the point that he could not choose the right time, the right place or the right person.Zuo Zongtang sometimes scolded Zeng Guofan “coerce” at home, the results of the tutors Fan Geng listened impatiently.


Tso also repeatedly encouraged ministers to impeach Zeng.In 1864, Zeng Guo-quan led the Army of Xiang in attacking Jiangning. Due to negligence, he let the young king and Hong Ren-Gan and the others escape.Zuo Zongtang seized this point and strongly attacked Zeng Guofan, Zeng Guofan brothers.

After that, they broke off their relationship, but Zuo zongtang needed food, rations and weapons for his battles in the southeast and northwest. Zeng Guofan, as governor of Liangjiang and Governor of Zhili province, gave full support.


Zeng Guofan and Zuo Zongtang were both very famous, and the court generally called them “Zeng Zuo”.Zeng Guofan was larger than Tso and had promoted Tso.

But Tso was very conceited and never took Zeng seriously.Once, Tso asked an attendant beside him with great dissatisfaction, “Why do people call zuo Zuo Zuo Zuo but not zuo Zuo?”

A servant bluntly: “Zeng Gong eyes often left gong, and left gong eyes are no Zeng Gong.”The servant’s words made Tso think for a long time.


No matter how Tso scolded him, Zeng guofan always met him and smiled. He once said of Tso, “In terms of war, I am not as good as Tso.Guo is lucky to have Tso.”Zeng guofan’s magnanimity also let Tso put down the gap in his heart, when Zeng Guofan died, people have speculated that Tso may not sacrifice.

But Zuo zongtang sent his couplet: “To seek the loyalty of the country, know people, shame as yuan Auxiliary, the heart of the country if gold, if a stone, phase without negative life.”

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  • Humility and tolerance will appear approachable in getting along with others

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