The first blessing: dignified and heavy

Dignified and heavy, dignified and heavy, are thick effect.It can be said that the core of these four words is thick.Only did “thick”, can really dignified, heavy.

The Book of Changes says: a gentleman carries his things with virtue.The Tao Te Ching says that a man should not make his thickness worse than his thickness.

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The Analects of Confucius also said: a gentleman does not weigh is not strong, learning is not solid.A person not solemn, will be frivolous, not dignified, loose, the heart can not be self – guarding, learning things will not be firm.

Zeng Guofan, who dominated his military for ten years, delivered no private messages to his royal relatives and regent.It was said that he had seen a photograph of the prince.Looked at his photo, zeng guofan said slowly: “smart of letter, also little wisdom ears, eyes and frivolous, smart too, more for change”, and he said “this is an engaging adonis, lifted up his eyes a bit frivolous, it seems hard to bear responsibility” photo could see so many, zeng guofan has no fairy, he just think prince yi “frivolous”, not heavy.

Why is dignified massiness expensive?There’s a reason for it.A dignified and heavy person shows that he knows how to Revere. A person who has a sense of awe will not be impudent, will not be thoughtful, will not be reckless in doing things, will be cautious in speaking, and will not be casual in communication.He who is in awe of himself is often in awe of others.The fewer people you offend, the less trouble you will suffer.Decorum is not to pretend, is the time out of the cultivation of the body.Therefore, Zeng Guofan scolded his son for many times to abstain from frivolity and practice more manners.

According to later records, Zeng guofan “walked very thickly and spoke slowly”.He walked steadily on the start road and spoke very slowly, but every word had the power to move people.

So the Ming Dynasty thinker Lu Kun said: “Deep and thick is the first qualification, noble is the second qualification, intelligent debate is the third qualification.”Intelligence and eloquence are but third-class qualifications, heroes and heroines are but second-class qualifications, and people of great character are truly first-rate.

In The Return of the Condor Heroes, Yang Guo chose the xuantie Sword with a heavy weight of 81 jin from among the numerous swords that Dugu sought to defeat. Holding the Xuantie sword in his hand, he murmured the Chinese character “The heavy sword has no edge and is too clever to work”, which seemed to have an understanding in his heart.It can be said that Jin Yong showed this profound truth to the world through Yang Guo.

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  • Being dignified and heavy will make a person more stable. mature

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