They will be reversed when they become extreme

Zeng Guofan was not talented, but he was able to become the “inner saint and outer king” and the “minister of the Renaissance” in the late Qing Dynasty, which was inseparable from his continuous self-improvement.

Workplace structure, workplace skills, speech norms

Throughout his long life, keeping a diary, and sharing it with friends and family, was his most important form of introspection.

Zeng Guofan had been using this principle to warn himself. For this reason, he even named his study “Beg for que (lack of) zhai”, to warn himself that one should seek for lack of everything.

In Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said, “If a great success is lacking, its use will not be harmful.”

It means the most perfect thing, and it seems to have defects, but its effects will never wear out.Usually not fully open, not fully round things, we will have something to look forward to;A little lack, there is room for continuous improvement, there is inexhaustible motivation.

Ancient Chinese thinker – Lao Tzu

The world wants perfection, but few are wary of its consequences.

Once things move towards perfection, they will be reversed when they become too extreme. Zeng Guofan was deeply aware of this law so that he could avoid being harmed by perfection.

Therefore, we should “seek for lack of fortune”.There is no such thing as the great perfection, and the perfectionist is not destined to be perfect. The so-called perfection is only a kind of psychological satisfaction.

There are imperfections in perfection, there are failures in success, and there are imperfections in perfection. This is the law of the development of things!

Since ancient times famous people, more start from the clumsy!The reason why we can’t become Zeng Guofan, most of the time, it is not because of stupid, but because we can’t master his stupid skills.

There will always be a small number of people with extraordinary talents. The rest are just ordinary people with mediocre talents.For us ordinary people, Zeng Guofan of these “stupid”, very worthy of our reference and learning!


  • There will always be a few people with extraordinary talents

  • The world wants perfection, but few people are wary of its consequences

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