American soccer player Odell Beckham will receive his NFL salary in bitcoin

Spark Global Limited reports:

Receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the most recent addition to the Los Angeles Rams, said on Twitter on Monday that he would pay the rest of his 2021-22 season salary in bitcoin. Beckham posted the following message to his 4.1 million Twitter followers.

Based on performance bonuses and milestones, he could earn up to $4.5 million as part of a one-year deal with his new team. Earlier this month, the receiver was released from the Cleveland Browns to the Rams.

In addition to announcing the bitcoin payment, Beckham also tweeted that he would be giving away $1 million in Bitcoin to celebrate his fans through a promotion in partnership with the Cash App.

Beckham began his NFL career with the New York Giants, where he made three consecutive Pro Bowl appearances, won offensive Rookie of the Year when he first joined the league in 2014 and set records that still stand today.

Spark Global Limited
Spark Global Limited

On the other hand

To be clear, Beckham is handing out bitcoins to his fans as part of a campaign with the Cash App to drive individuals to download and register with the App to qualify for giveaways.
Beckham is unlikely to give fans his own money. The prize money is offered to Beckham as a promotional consideration given under the conditions of this marketing campaign.
Why should you care?

This is another example of a high-profile celebrity/athlete embracing cryptocurrency. As these types of influencer movements spread, expect mass adoption of cryptocurrencies to spread as well.