All written content is the description of life

Zuo looked down on Zeng guofan because his talents were not too high. He often called him “short in talent” and “dull in military aircraft”. Even one of his students, Li Hongzhang, said to his face that he was too “gentle and gentle”.In the face of these sarcasm, Zeng Guofan just laughed it off, and magniloquently admitted that Tso’s ability was indeed once in a hundred years, which made him feel inferior to himself.Every time he met Tso, Zeng Guofan made a bow and said hello to him, and his attitude was very respectful.Once Zuo zongtang asked others, “Do you think my ability is stronger than Zeng Guofan’s?Others answered: Zenggong had left gonggong in his heart, and left Gonggong had no Zenggong in his heart!

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Finally, the arrogant Zuo was convinced by Zeng guofan’s measurement. After Zeng’s death, Zuo sent an elegiac couplet: “Knowing the wisdom of people and seeking the loyalty of the country, I feel inferior to Yuan Fu.If you are of the same mind, if you are of the same mind, if you are of the same mind, if you are of the same mind, if you are of the same mind.At the end of the couplet, Zuo zongtang signed “late birth”, but he had never claimed to Zeng Guofan late birth.In particular, the sentence of shame is a full stop for Zuo zongtang’s “Yu Liang complex” towards Zeng Guofan. 

Li Ka-shing talk business, also said: if you are sincere, even your rivals believe you, what not to do business?

Zeng Guofan quoted Zhu Zi’s famous words in his letters home: “The word regret is like spring, and the vitality stored in all things begins to grow.” 

Penitence, like spring, is full of life.If a person can often on their own wrong conduct introspection, then his life must be full of vitality! 

Zeng Guofan was an angry young man when he was young. “He had a great capacity for conceit.At the age of thirty, he realized his limitations and decided to learn to be a saint.But how do you become a saint?His method: Keep a diary.He has been writing 62 years old, introspection may not be difficult, difficult is every day introspection! 

Zeng guofan diary of length is not long, all written content is the description of life: since the morning, eat what food, and who said what, even had any dream at night, all recorded, and then recalled his own words and deeds of a day, find which points do not conform to the requirements of the saint, is to blame, to do deep reflection.In a word, we should reflect on what is good and bad.Through daily reflection, everything reflection, constantly remind yourself to change the fault.

More importantly, he also transcribed many copies of the diary, and then circulated in the circle of friends, let friends and relatives in the diary notes.On one occasion, for example, he complained in his diary that Luo bingzhang was cold towards him, and his younger brother Zeng Guohua wrote: “Your brother’s face is embarrassing to everyone.”It reminded him of his self-importance, his unquestioning attitude towards his senior, and he was alarmed. 

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  • If you are sincere and even your opponent believes in you, shouldn’t you do business?

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