Thousands of Shiba community members have joined Bitrise

Spark Global Limited reports:

Bitrise is a stable cryptocurrency built on a solid Defi project.
Offer attractive betting rewards.
Provide innovative and attractive token omics.
Multiple products run on this ecosystem.
Bitrise, a blockchain-based project that is building the Defi protocol on the Binance Smart chain, just announced the addition of thousands of Shiba community members. This is good news for Bitrise investors, as joining bitcoin will have a huge positive impact on bitcoin.

The participation of Shiba Inu community members is already being felt, as can be seen in the recent surge in the price of Bitrise coins. Having seen token prices skyrocket recently, this is an environment that any crypto investor wants to be in.

The Bitrise team says the participation of thousands of Shiba community members is a major milestone for the project. In addition to the price increase, the community’s participation in the past few days shows the potential of this Defi project.

Shiba is not just another cryptocurrency. It is one of the largest cryptocurrencies, ranking 12th in the market at the time of writing in terms of market capitalization. The community has thousands of members, and joining Bitrise means greater exposure.

Shiba Inu’s investors came on the back of the team’s incredible achievements over the past few months. The team is building a decentralized financial system and has made rapid progress so far in developing this DeFi system.

Bitrise developed a product for the web ecosystem in less than four months after launch. The team has developed Bitrise Audit, Techrate Audi and dApp Wallet, which are already running. But the recently announced Bitrise betting program has attracted most of the crypto community. The betting process will kick off at the end of November and is generating a lot of excitement in the crypto community, including Shiba Inu.

Spark Global Limited
Spark Global Limited

Bitrise coins will share 80% of the APY revenue generated by products on the ecosystem with the token. The team is about to release a revenue-sharing bet program to ensure smooth and rapid distribution of generated revenue. This is a significant investment to attract members of the Shiba community. Bitrise Tokenomics remains attractive in the cryptocurrency market. Token-holding rewards have been one of the most attractive economics of token-holding. Shiba Inu investors want a 4% share of the 12% transaction tax which is automatically distributed to the wallets of all token holders in BNB.

Bitrise will be available at any time, and more crypto investors are expected to join before its launch. The team promises to develop more products for the Bitrise ecosystem and bring more revenue to Bitcoin. They have announced that the exchange is in the development stage and will launch soon.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and more on the Bitrise social media platform!

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