False affection can only win the favor

For example, hand work.Zeng Guofan had three good habits in his life:

The first is the habit of introspection: Zeng Guofan kept a diary every day to cultivate himself and reflect on his shortcomings in life.

The second was reading habits: he made it a rule to read no less than ten pages of history every day, and to write for no more than half an hour after meals.Zeng Guofan said, “Man’s temperament, due to his nature, is difficult to change, but reading can change his temperament.”

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The third is the habit of writing letters. It is said that Zeng Guofan wrote no less than 253 letters to his family in 1861. By writing letters to his brother and children, he constantly taught his younger brother and his children.

Another example is physical attendance.Zeng Guofan asked himself to get up early in the army.

No matter what kind of weather or environment he was in, he would “dance at the sound of the chicken”, take military supervision and training, and handle various affairs.Zeng Guofan said to the officers and men in the army, ”

The way of training soldiers must be done by officers and sailors day and night, so that they can gradually become familiar with it.Like a chicken brooding, like a furnace refining, not a moment away.”

Example is better than words, which is how Zeng Guofan influenced his aides and generals.Whether it’s personal cultivation or managing a team, it’s vital to set a good example for those around you and those under you.

In this sentence, Zeng Guofan told us that only the most sincere in the world can win over the most hypocritical in the world.

Instead of fighting evil with evil, according to the logic of fighting evil with evil, water overcomes fire and softness overcomes strength.

Because false affection can only win the favor of others for a while, but not for a long time, can really last only sincere!

In the late Qing Dynasty, Zeng Guofan and Zuo Zongtang were both from Hunan, only one year apart in age, and both of them were four famous officials in the late Qing Dynasty.However, the feud between the two is very dramatic.

We mentioned previously that Zeng Guofan’s talent was very ordinary, while Zuo Zongtang was just the opposite. His talent was outstanding and he was a rare genius.

Zuo zongtang became a scholar when he was 15 years old, and a master when he was 20 years old.But after that, Tso went to Beijing to take the exam for three times in a row.Zeng Guofan was just a contrast to Zuo Zongtang.

After he was a middle school scholar, the imperial examination was very smooth. He was a middle scholar, and then he was promoted seven times in 10 years, with his official position far above Zuo Zongtang.Therefore, tso treats Zeng Guofan with a kind of hostility in his subconscious.

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  • Only the most sincere person in the world can defeat the most hypocritical person in the world

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