This is not only the way to be an official

Zeng guofan began to take the imperial examination at the age of 16. He passed the exam seven times before becoming a scholar, and he came in second to last.But zeng Guofan, in the second year of the scholar, was a juren;After four years as a senior middle school graduate, he became a senior middle school graduate.

Workplace structure, workplace skills, speech norms

And he those early examination in the scholar’s students, but later even do not come out.Zeng Guofan had come all the way by sheer stupidity.He doesn’t know how to take advantage because he is clumsy.

Meet the problem also only know to die to knock hard drill, can not leave dead corner.So Zeng Guofan said, “Clumsy looks slow, but it is the fastest.”

This is true not only of reading, but of fighting.As a scholar, Zeng Guofan did not have the ability to master the enemy like a god in ancient times.

His key to the war was only six words, that is, “build a strong village and fight a dumb war”, and he never sought for ingenious strategies.

Tso repeatedly makes fun of Zeng guofan for being inflexible and being a fool.However, zeng Guofan succeeded in pacifying the rebellion in tianping by this stupid method.

Doing things “step by step, one by one”, can be said to be zeng guofan’s greatest characteristic.He transformed himself from a very clumsy man into a man of great wisdom and virtue.

The key to this lies in his “clumsy” self-cultivation wisdom.Clumsy people do not take the easy way out, one step at a time, on the contrary, they walk more steadily and farther than others.

“The world ancient and modern mediocre, all with an inert word to defeat”!

Sloth is the mother of all ills.Zeng Guofan put forward that “to administer affairs by diligence”. He said that officials should have five kinds of diligence:

One said physical diligence: a long way, the body to test it;When there is hardship, taste it yourself.That is, doing things by yourself.

Two said eye frequent: meet a person, be careful to see;A paper received must be read again and again.Read books, but also read people.

Three days of handwork: disposable things, pick up;Easy to forget things, notes.That is, write frequently, including in a diary and letters home.

Four yue mouth diligent: treat colleague, mutual remonsate;When you treat your subordinates, discipline them again and again.That is to exercise eloquence, but not to hurt.

Five said heart diligent: sincerity, stone also open;Think hard, the ghost miracle pass.That is, always reflect, exercise mind.

This is not only the way to be an official, but also the way to conduct oneself in the world.Five, the world I have.

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  • When you encounter difficulties, you can get good results if you work hard and do things physically

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