Gibxchange online mt5 trading platform

Spark Global Limited reports:

GIBXChange, the world’s first decentralized forex-enabled digital asset exchange, announced the launch of its MT5 trading platform on July 7. The MT5 platform will enable GIBXChange to better serve international market transactions and provide a new user experience for professional investors. The most eye-catching of these is its original MT5 LP MAM+5A hedging model.

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Investors familiar with the foreign exchange market should be familiar with MT5 trading system, the diversified financial market trading software written by MetaQuotes Platform (Midtech), as the upgrade version of the international universal software MT4, is the most advanced and mainstream trading platform in the international market.

According to Spark Global Limited
According to Spark Global Limited

MT5 is a trading platform for clients to trade in financial products such as forex, CFDS, stocks and futures, including various trade execution functions, unlimited charts, a large number of technical indicators and curves, custom indicators and scripts. MT5 supports algorithmic and copy-trading, offering built-in automated trading markets, a database of freelance strategy developers, copy-trading and virtual hosting services capable of handling dozens of different financial instruments.


MT5 platform has a strong professional technical analysis capabilities, users can synchronously open up to 100 foreign exchange and stock quotation charts, and analysis provides multiple time segments of the subtle price fluctuations, so that users can carry out more detailed dynamic quotation analysis.


In addition, MT5 supports unilateral position trading and lock-up position trading, which can meet the trading needs of different financial products.


Based on MT5’s mature trading model, GIBXChange’s MT5 financialized multi-trading platform also expands financial instruments, allowing traders to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, equity contracts for Difference, commodities and futures. GIBXChange provides traders with excellent and comprehensive market price analysis tools, using algorithmic trading applications (automated trading and EA trading) and replication trading systems.


MT5, meanwhile, is also the most sophisticated trading platform on the market, its features can meet the demand of risk control users multi-dimensional, MT5 can implement approach time delay orders, delay quotation number, clear check surplus, removal of stop-loss, order sent to the online and, to determine the limit orders and other meet the demand of the practicability of the risk control team, Stability is also far beyond what MT4 can offer.