At last he could not bear it any more

Admittedly, there is a gap between people’s qualifications.

The world tends to pay more attention and favor to the intelligent and ignore the mediocre.But zeng Guofan, a famous official in the late Qing Dynasty, used his life to explain perfectly for us: stupidity is actually an advantage.

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Zeng guofan was regarded as a “stupid man” from an early age.Zuo Zongtang commented zeng Guofan: “Talent is a little less developed.”To put it bluntly, I don’t think he’s smart.Even Zeng Guofan himself admitted: “The excess is dull.”In a word, Zeng guofan’s talent was really mediocre.

But in the end, he proved to the world with practice that a mediocre talent can become a transcendent sage and hero through self-improvement.Ancient sages can wear but can not learn, only Zeng Guofan can also learn!

“Only the world to the clumsy, can overcome the world to the ingenious”!

Zeng Guofan thought that the tao of Heaven is not clever, everything want to take a shortcut, move clever, eventually will only self-defeating.He hangs in the study “guard clumsy” this two words with moment introspection, admonish oneself.

This unique philosophy of life comes from Zeng guofan’s reading experience.His father’s teaching method was very simple, requiring him not to read the last sentence and not to read the next.Don’t finish this book, don’t touch the next one.Never go to bed until you finish the study task of the day.

There is a story that is widely told:

One night, 13-year-old Zeng Guofan walked into his study to light an oil lamp and recite a 300-word essay.

Just before he entered his study, a thief entered the room. Hearing someone come in, he hid himself on the beam of the room, hoping to steal something valuable after Zeng had fallen asleep.But Zeng Guofan could not recite it until midnight.The thief waited and waited, but he could not see him go to sleep.

At last he could not bear it any more, so he flew off the beam of the house and pointed angrily at Zeng Guofan, saying to him, “You have read it so many times that I can recite it backwards, but you still can’t recite it.

I have never seen anyone as stupid as you.”Then the thief recited the article word by word and left with a swagger. Zeng Guofan was ashamed and worked harder from then on.

It can be seen from this story that Zeng Guofan was indeed not intelligent, but he had great perseverance.He believed that people have persistence, perseverance, nothing can be successful.It is with this kind of clumsy spirit, coupled with several times the efforts of others, finally became the morality, meritorious service, speech “half saint”.

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  • Zeng Guofan is indeed not smart, but he has great perseverance

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